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Understanding Zionism & the Israeli-Palestinian situation & why it matters

This page is a brief informative guide about Zionism and Israel and their role in the Middle-East and the whole world.

Q: What is Zionism?

A: Basically it's a Jewish version of Nazism. It's a political movement being portrayed as Jewish nationalism but in reality, just like in Nazi Germany, there's this idea of a superior (in this case not Aryan but Jewish) race that should rule the earth and the rest of us, the Goyim, the "cattle," are here only to serve the Jews. The government and much of the population of Israel is Zionist and this is how they view the world.
The important thing is, however, that this has NOTHING to do with Judaism or being jewish.

This is what the real Jews think of Zionism.

The Zionists like to confuse Zionism with being Jewish on purpose and hide behind it. That way if you criticize Zionism or Israel, they can brand you "anti-semitic". The difference between Zionist and Jewish is like the difference between Nazi and German. To understand how ridiculous this really is, also consider that most Israeli Jews aren't of semitic origin, they are descendants of the European Ashkenazi Jews and the Khazars, and the Zionists are out to kill all Arabs, who happen to be 100% semitic. Go figure.

Q: Isn't it a bit far fetched, comparing this to Nazism?

A: Let's look at what Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel have in common...
- Delusion of being a superior race and other people being something like animals.
- Illegally occupying other countries.
- False-flag terrorism.
- Immense control of the media and sophisticated propaganda. (More on the media later).
- Getting financing from the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes and other usual suspects.
- Ironically enough, in Nazi Germany you had white people killing the Jews, claimed to be semitic, and in Israel you have the Jews, most of whom are white, killing the Arabs, who are semitic. In fact Israel is more anti-semitic than Germany ever was.
- A funny sidenote, both regimes have/had in their flag a symmetric symbol consisting of 6 straight lines.
- In the end we can just look at the facts "on the ground"...

We could go on with these pictures forever.
If you want some more examples of this striking similarity, click here.

Q: But what does all of this have to do with me? Why should I care?

A: Talk about opening a can of worms! To think that this only concerns a few middle-eastern countries would be like thinking that hitler was only a concern for Germany and maybe a few other European countries and Stalin was only a concern for the Soviet Union and they were no threat to the rest of the world.
In fact the Zionists have a far stronger grip over the world than Hitler or Stalin ever had. How can that be? Let's try a very simplified short version:

Who controls the world?

1. Technically it should be the governments. Everyone should understand the huge influence of the US government on the whole world, even though no sane person should like it. The thing that not many people understand is that the US government is totally zionist. It's ridiculous how many people in the USG have Israeli citizenship. And their loyalty is always first to Israel and Zionism, only second (if at all) to the US. Some are really more Israelis than Americans, like Rahm Emanuel, some are just Zionist shills even if they're not Jewish, like Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden, and some are too afraid to oppose the Israeli lobbies, because the lobbies do a lot of funding if you play along, and without funding you won't make it in politics, and the also do a lot of character assassination and blackmailing if you do not play along.

This is the sad reality.

Wanna fight this beast? You'd better have some really good cards up your sleeve.

Some people who watch too much TV might say Obama sometimes speaks against Israel and for the Arabs and for peace. Yes, he speaks, but if you pay attention to what's really going on and not what the TV says is going on, you'll see that Obama speaks one thing and does another. He has never really done anything to damage Israel. He hasn't done anything about the Mavi Marmara massacre, he hasn't done anything about the continuous building of illegal settlements, he hasn't cut any of the 3-4 billion dollars that the US gives to Israel every year, though he made lots of cuts at home which the poor people have to pay for. Whatever people like Obama SAY, if you look at what they DO, you can easily see that they are owned by the Zionists.

2. In reality the world is not ruled by governments. The world is ruled by money. Most governments are in debt so they can't really rule shit. So who rules? Well, who do the governments owe the money to? The bankers. The FED, the IMF, BIS, World Bank, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc. They are generally known as the international bankers. They can bankrupt any government any day if they choose to. What does that mean? That a government that doesn't want to go bankrupt, get its funding cut and many other fun things, has to do as the bankers say. There's a lot to this and you can do your own research on these banks and the people behind them and see how this really works.
Now, did I mention that these bankers are Zionists? I couldn't say that all of them, but from what I've gathered from my research, among the top bankers who really matter on a global scale, the amount of Zionists or sympathizers with Zionism must be somewhere between 90-99%. There are very few places on this planet that aren't controlled by these bankers. Usually places that have nothing to offer.

3. The third important element in this control equation is the mainstream media. Without controlled media nothing could work the way it does. And of course 90% or more of all western mainstream media are owned by the Zionists. And so is Hollywood, just in case anyone didn't know yet.

Here are two links with plenty of details about the infiltration of politics, banking and the media by Zionists:

An article by David Icke, explaining what Zionism is and how it dominates world politics and everything else in great detail.

An article from ZionismExplained, a website with lots of information about Zionism, focusing on the media.

So what does it have to do with you? Is your country in debt? I don't know of any that isn't. Do the mainstream media in your country tell you the truth? Highly unlikely, wherever you live. But there's so much more to it, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Almost everything that's going on in the world today, concerning politics, economy, information, health, war, entertainment etc. is tightly connected to Zionism. It might also be helpful to investigate the connections between Zionism and Communism and other things. But too many people still have no clue and think the Arabs are the evil terrorists who are to blame for everything bad.

Bottom line is, to ignore Zionism is to ignore the elephant in your living room.

Q: So what's really going on in the Middle-East? Aren't the Arabs evil terrorists?

A: There may have been a few of them involved in some terrorism. There may even have been a few who were involved in terrorism that was actually NOT orchestrated by the MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, MI6 and other agencies. But if the Arabs want to catch up to the real terrorism of those agencies, they'd have to increase their efforts 1000-fold. There are hardly any terrorist acts commited by Arabs that were not instigated and directed by the aforementioned agencies. On the other hand, the terrorism of the MOSSAD and the CIA is legendary. Just like the COINTELPRO operations of the FBI. They like to use arabic patsies, because that's the whole point of false-flag terrorism. Terrorism under your own flag does NOT work, after all. If you go and blow up things and kill people in the name of your god XYZ, do you think people will say "oh we must worship this god XYZ, or else we'll be blown into pieces"? Nope. They will say "this god XYZ must be an asshole, let's beat the crap out of all his followers." It's logical. What you wanna do is blow up things and pretend you're somebody who hates god XYZ. That tells people that those who hate XYZ are clearly the bad guys. Then you go and tell them your god XYZ needs their support to fight the evil terrorists. I mean it's logical, right? It can't really work the other way round.

So what's really going on with this "terrorism"? It's MOSSAD, CIA etc. doing one of several things...

- They pass themselves for islamic leaders and convince some less intelligent frustrated muslims to blow up things and kill people in the judeo-christian world with promises of virgins in heaven and talk about jihad. Such an idea of Islam, of course, is nonsense, as any real muslim will tell you. If the guys being duped don't seem to be all that much into it, they can always be motivated with the $ sign and a few zeroes. Then the agency [whichever one] either lets them do it and the media go "Fear! Terror! Islamic extremists strike!" or they stop them just before it happens and the media go "The FBI had stopped an evil act of radical extremist islamic terrorism! Evil! Extremist! Scared yet? Aren't YOU lucky that we protect you by watching you with cameras and spying on your emails? It has paid off!" and the guys go to jail, understanding little of what just happened. You can watch a good video explaining this here or read an article with more here.

- They do the damage themselves and plant fake evidence leading to random islamic believers or organizations. The rest of the story is the same. Remember the arabic passport found in the rubble of WTC? Or how they always find a koran wherever there's a huge explosion? Yeah, right.

- They take advantage of various events that happen on their own and since they own the media, they put any spin they need on it. Like telling you this crazy guy who killed 6 people was a muslim, when he wasn't.

- Then there's of course the infamous MK-ULTRA and other similar programs that are still in place and have many uses. Easy for anyone to do some research on that so I'll leave it.

OK, that's mostly how it's being played in the west but what's going on in the Middle-East?

Let's try a short version. There was Palestine. There came Jews and mixed in and lived with the Arabs in peace without problems. But then came Zionism. That's where the problems started. They didn't want peace, they wanted the land for themselves. It's a long story and anyone can research it [preferably not on Zionist-controlled Wikipedia] but in the end the Zionists took more than half of Palestine by force, with support of the western world, and thus created Israel. Many Palestinians died or fled. Many are still waiting to return but can't.
The Zionists claim the land is theirs because God gave it to them. I hope I don't have to explain what kind of bullshit this is. They also raise the issue that the United Nations gave it to them. That's bullshit too, because the UN has no authority to take the land of one nation and give it to another. That declaration was just something they voted on but was not and could not be legally binding, and all Arab nations voted against.
Since then things got only worse. In 1967 Israel grabbed even more land and has been illegally occupying the rest of Palestine ever since. On a daily basis the Palestinians are being shot at, their houses are being demolished, they're being evicted from their homes just because the Israelis decide to do that, they don't get enough food and water, they can't get building materials because Israel won't let them in, no matter how many organizations send those to Palestine, the Israelis destroy Palestinian homes, hospitals, schools, fields, everything.

To justify this before the world, Israel engages in large scale false-flag terrorism, which includes the so called "Palestinian suicide bombers" and many other things that get blamed on the Palestinians.

Israel is an illegal state. It is a racist state - jewish-only roads, jewish-only schools, the "apartheid wall" etc. It gets more money from the US than all other countries combined. It has one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world but won't sign the NNPT. All of that is the result of Zionism; orthodox Jews support neither Zionism nor the State of Israel. Almost everything Israel does is against International Law, but they always get away with it, because, as you can now see, the Zionists own the west.

That's the short story.

If you want more details, there are plenty of books, articles, youtube videos and documentary movies that will help.

Some of the movies:
Occupation 101 (2006)
Machssomim [Checkpoint] (2003)
Palestine Is Still the Issue (2003)
Jenin, Jenin (2003)
Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land (2004)
Raised to be Heroes (2006)
To See If I'm Smiling (2007)
The Alpha Diaries (2007)

The Pirate Bay is your friend.

An article with a summary of Israel's actions and the Zionist control of the US: Israel's Hidden Faces, A Long Day's Night for Us All

To read more articles, just use a few keywords in any search engine, preferably not Zionist controlled Google [if you don't want the MOSSAD keep track of what you're reading]. Some suggested keywords/phrases:
- MOSSAD false-flag
- zionism banking industry
- zionism - the real enemy of the jews
- israel breaks international law
- Mordechai Vanunu
- Victor Ostrovsky

Warning: Don't trust anything concerning Zionism or Israel that you read on Zionist controlled Wikipedia.

Here is the booklet of the album Zionist Juice, for more illustration: