Bilderberg 2011

Like every year, representatives of the so called "ruling elite" have gathered for their Bilderberg meeting. And like every year, they're trying to be secret about it, even though the last few years they've been failing miserably. There's a schizophrenic feel to tis event - on one hand they claim the gathering is nothing important and no official decisions are made there, on the other hand not only it's private, well guarded and us ordinary unworthy people are kept away at a safe distace, but the attendees are crouching in their cars, hiding behind newspapers, and generally trying to convince everyone that they're not there at all.

Imagine you're a Prime Minister, go to attend a conference that's "of no real importance" and you're hiding on your way there and then lying to the Parliament that you weren't there, like Tony Blair did. I mean does it make any sense? In the recent years some actually didn't go because they were afraid people would find out and they'd get in trouble at home. They just can't seem to decide whether those meetings are important or not.

Well, this is the official attendee list for this year. Check it out and see who went from your country. Let's see what it says... President, Chairman, Minister, CEO, Managing Director, Governor, Chief Executive, Federal Chancellor, hmmm, how important can it be? Rockefeller, Kissinger, Perle, Zoellick, van Rompuy, Osborne, Mendelson, Ackermann... I spotted two Queens on the list - Blue Queen and Yellow Queen, apparently. I thought they were supposed to be Red and White. So anyway, these people got together to discuss nothing important at all, in paranoid secrecy. And they do it every year. And they're the people in charge of things. Hmmmm.

Now just in case some of you actually don't know what the Bilderberg meetings are, like for example if you're a mainstream media dependent zombie, here's a video overview.

As you may know, in 2009 the meeting was held in Greece [after that Greece went bankrupt], last year it was in Spain [I hear they're not doing so well either], now it's Switzerland. But I wouldn't worry about them, that's where the Rothschilds have a few banks and international transactions go through there so THAT place has to be kept safe. After all, that's why Switzerland was neutral during the war. While the Rothschild Zionist banking cartel, the Rockefellers and Bushes, ostensibly on the side of the Allies, had no problem funding the Nazis, they couldn't have their Swiss banking centre destroyed. [Then again, war is one thing, bankruptcy is another, better watch out]

The media attention has been increasing the last 2 years, mainly because ordinary people's attention to bilderberg has been increasing, so the media had to stop acting like it doesn't exist, ebcause otherwise they would soon start to look dumb. I mean like... even dumber than they look now. It has gone so far actually, that last year the Bilderbergers put up an official website! But the attendees are still trying to hide behind anything they can, because if anybody took a picture of them attending Bilderberg, that would be like... very bad. Unfortunately, even though the meeting started yesterday, the official website failed to officially announce it and at this moment only lists meetings from the past 3 years.

So what's going on this year? Well, that's classified! You can look at the pictures of a few arriving attendees and guess from their faces what they're gonna talk about. Hmm, I think they might be deciding which European country they should let go bankrupt next. Though in my opinion, they should certainly spend some time devising plans on how to maintain the illusion that the dollar still has some value. When it collapses, I'm not sure they'll be able to bring it back to life like they did with Osama.

OK, in all seriousness, the real information about the dealings will come later. There are researchers who have inside contacts in there who will, anonymously, inform us about the main points that were discussed. That's at least how it's been in the previous years. We're a bit beyond the point where secrets can REALLY be kept secret.

It's just that the mainstream zombie public is too distracted with... [checking CNN's website] er... "Young amputee dreaming of new leg." Right. Intrigued by such an apparently heartbreaking story i click the link. Oh, it's in Libya. Interesting. Certainly they wouldn't use a little girl's suffering for anti-Gaddafi propaganda or something, right? I read what appears to be quotes by this little girl. They sound extremely unrealistic, kind of like when somebody's making the quotes up, trying hard to make them sound very emotional. Reminds me of reading the first reports of Osama's supposed death. Fortunatelly no one will really give a damn about this girl enough to investigate the case so the media won't be forced to change the story every day. Oh, here we go - it WAS 'teh evul Gadhafi' who attacked this girl's house! She was just lying in the bed, you know, *sob*, and then... *sob* a rocket fell on her house! OK, I admit, this is terrible, but this is the kind of shit that happens in wars. And it just happens to be the Americans and Israelis who start all these wars. But why do the media never report about the Palestinian children who get injured on a daily basis by heavy weaponry of one of the largest military forces, the Israeli Illegal Occupation Army? There are more wounded children in Palestine than anywhere on the planet. You don't hear about them on the CNN. Or about the children with birth defects from US Army Depleted Uranium weapons in Iraq. No, it's all the evil Gandalfi's fault!

Anyway, that was just a distraction. Until we get reports of what the BilderBurglars have agreed to steal from us this time, let's look at Charlie Skelton's reports from this year. I like Charlie because he's not taking it too seriously. And what is he supposed to do anyway? Run around with a megaphone screaming "we're not your slaves" at a hotel, like some strange people do? The Bilderbuggers wanna play hide and seek and be all funny about it, so why not? Let's enjoy the ridiculousness of the event now and look at the real results later.

Report #1, June 3rd - preparations.

Report #2, June 8th - how the Swiss media found out that a Bilderberg conference exists... wow!

Report #3, June 9th - how the Bunkerbuilders secretely erected the "white fence of embarrassment" in the middle of the night.

Report #4, June 10th - how some guys were arrested because the police found a bomb made out of potato chips, if I understand it right. Also features a photo of David Fuckferdollar... er, I mean Rockefeller, decomposing of old age behind a window of a limousine.

Stay tuned for more, everything is archived here, if you want to check it out later. I'll be posting the updates here as well.

Update one hour later.

Amazingly, while I took a break from writing, the official website put up this year's meeting. It is dated 9th June but it wasn't there an hour ago. Right there you see these people are lying, hah! But I'll let them get away with this one.

So what are they saying? "The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion." Because, of course, if anyone was listening to them, they couldn't possibly be frank and open and speak the truth. So that clears it up.

As for what they'll be talking about... apparently Challenges. It's with capital C, if you didn't know. Because they are big Challenges. Like the Challenges for Growth. It's a big Challenge when everything is crumbling down and degenerating. "New Challenges in the Middle East." As if the old ones weren't bad enough. I think this time it's the "Will we be able to provoke Iran into making a mistake so we can start World War III?" Challenge. It's been on the plate for quite a few years, after all. Then there are the Challenges for the European Union & the role of Emerging Economies. The EU is certainly a Challenging issue, but I wonder if they made a typo in the second part. I could swear it was supposed to say Sinking Economies. But then again, these guys like doublespeak.

Here, for example, they are telling the truth: "But in practically all respects there are more, not fewer, common problems". Of course they forgot to mention it was them who caused those problems. Understanding these guys is really Challenging.

"What is unique about Bilderberg as a forum is the broad cross-section of leading citizens". Definitely. Very broad. There are even 2 [two!] people who aren't from Europe or North America, the Chinese guys [since the Chinese own the US now, they had to invite them]. OK, Turkey is partly asian too, so 4 more... partly. And... there are also some 15 women! Out of "approximately 130 participants," not bad. Feminist movement on the roll. So as you can see, it's not just white old guys, only about 85% of them are.

At the end it says "A list of participants is attached." Once again a lie, cause I don't see that list attached anywhere. Maybe they forgot to provide a link to infowars, I don't know.

OK, so that's it for now, I'll post an update tomorrow or Sunday, stay tuned.

Part 2 - 2011-06-14

The conference is over. As usual, interesting things have been going on around it, but this year it looks like history was being written. The attention paid to it has been increasing every year and we're slowly but surely preparing the mainstream media that sooner or later they will have to start covering this.

Let's check the newer reports, Charlie Skelton first.

Report #5, June 11th - how the Swiss MP Dominque Baettig tried to enter the meeting and was refused - historical moment.

Report #6, June 12th - how the elitist bunch went for a walk, followed by a swarm of people with cameras.

Report #7, June 13th - how the world's problems were solved and everybody could go home happily...? [j/k]

update: Report #8, June 16th - one last report, a summary

Now, speaking of that walk, here's a video. And here's another one. As far as I remember, this is the first time the BBs actually went out walking among the activists. It almost seems they aren't as secretive about it as the media are. That begs the question - what the hell is the media's problem? In the "alternative" media there's clearly some coverage, but the MSM have a history of pretending like Bilderberg doesn't exist, and now that people keep discovering that it does, the media can't exactly keep ignoring it completely, so they shifted to mocking it and downplaying its importance. This article, 10 Things Mainstream Media Has Said About Bilderberg Group 2011, lists a few things of that kind. Some try maybe too hard to ridicule the event. That of course makes THEM look ridiculous but they live in a self-created fictional reality.

I don't mind if these BunkerBusters are meeting in secrecy. That's fine. I don't even mind if they're secretly talking about bunkerbusting us into oblivion. They have the right to talk about whatever they want. But there are some issues here that just don't sit with me. And the first one is the reactions of the MSM. It's been many years since I watched TV, but I remember distinctly that stories about newborn animals in ZOOs were on evening news all the time. You know, when a baby bear is born in a ZOO, apparently all of you must hear about it. It's so important it's on the evening news. A meeting of 120-130 people of immense influence in politic, business, economy etc. must be way below a newborn koala, seeing as the MSM just won't even mention it. And if they do, they somehow have to throw in some phrase like "crazy conspiracy theorists" or something even more stupid. I certainly don't expect them to tell us what the BastardBreeders are talking about, but why the hell couldn't just say that it IS going on?

Some people, possibly hired BilderBitches or just morons, have said there's no point reporting it because there's nothing to report. Hmm, when Paris Hilton buys a new dress, it gets reported, but when a bunch of people who own half the planet meet for a weekend, there's nothing to report? For what other event do 120 people of this profile take 3 days off from their busy schedule? When I say none, will anybody challenge me on that? I think this event can be reported professionally, without any scoffing and mocking, just telling the viewers what's going on. In fact, I not only think so, I know it, because Russia Today has done exactly that. This is what I imagine the media should be doing. How hard can it be? RT is pretty mainstream too, just not Western. Why can they do it and all the CNN, BBC, ABC, CBC, BBQ and WTF can not? That's what I'd like explained, because otherwise it looks like there's an intentional effort on their part to NOT report this, ie to divert attention away from it. Why would that be?

Things are changing, however, and the MSM will have it harder every year to feign ignorance or joke around in their typically schizophrenic style. An effort from the public to pressure the media to cover the event is already underway. Watch this video where Mark Dice explains what people can do and what effect it will have. He's making a good point - that not ALL people in the MSM are corrupt criminals. Some are good people who simply don't really know about things like the Bilderbutt conference. When they start asking their bosses "why aren't we covering this?" and get poor excuses instead of logical responses, they might start wondering what the hell is going on.

The other thing that doesn't sit with me is how they clearly can't decide on whether this is official or not. Why is it important? Well from the looks of it, they mostly claim this is completely unofficial, but it gets paid from taxpayers' money. This year was the first time the security was not handled by state Police but a private security firm. That was thanks to the pressure of Swiss activists who kept asking the government "who is paying for this?" In Spain last year, and before that in Greece, it was the Police, and in large numbers at that. And who pays for the travelling expenses of the participants? As Charlie Skelton was told by the Treasury Press Office: "George Osborne is attending the Bilderberg conference in his official capacity as Chancellor of the Exchequer." Official would mean paid by the taxpayer. But the BlunderBlinkers claim it's not official at all. So which is it? Either it's official, and the media should definitely be covering it and the government should be answering people's questions about it, or it's unofficial and all those filthy rich buggers should be paying for it themselves. But filthy rich buggers are generally known to never pay for anything with their own money if they can abuse somebody else's funds, like the Treasury. When these questions get sorted out, then maybe they can say "nothing important going on."

In the meantime let's check the totally unimportant things that were [hardly] going on. Here's an overview of the most [in]significant events. An Italian politician, accompanied by other EU members, was beaten and arrested by Bilderberg Security as he attempted to enter the meeting and protest its secretive globalist agenda. Nothing to report, unimportant. A number of Swiss MPS tried to enter and have war criminals like Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle arrested. Shit, we certainly don't want THAT reported! But nothing to worry about, something as minor as several Swiss MPS trying to arrest international criminals on Swiss soil and being refused entry can't possibly make it into the news. What a ridiculous idea.

Rumours of male prostitutes provided for the BuggerBoys? Probably too wild to conceive of for ordinary people who know nothing. Business as usual to those who know who we're dealing with. If you belong to the former group, let me just tell you the male prostitutes were not for the female participants. Anyway, this is really not that interesting, at least there were no reports of the elite team raping children, which is one of their common hobbies.

But enough of what was going on around the conference. While that's certainly interesting and entertaining, the more important part is what was really discussed inside. Read this Bilderberg 2011 Agenda Overview for the full story.
Here just a list of the main points:

- Arab Spring
- Internet Censorship
- Prolonging the economic crisis
- New head of the IMF decision
- Over-population
- Bilderberg Conference awareness and coverage

So, just in case you didn't know that, we need more wars. This is very important. There's just never enough wars. Then of course we need less freedom and more poverty. And we certainly need to get rid of people who inform other people about what's really going on. Yes, that means me. The BurgerBleeders have agreed they need to get rid of people like me. Because if they get rid of me, then you won't know shit about what they are doing. That will be good because when they come to kill your family, steal your house, and fuck you over, you won't see them coming.

I said I don't mind if they talk in secrecy about how to kill us off and/or steal everything we have. They can do that, as they have been for ages. They're free to do their thing, or try, but so are we. And we know who these people are and what they want. So as they keep their secrecy and censorshit, we will keep exposing them and telling the truth. And just in case you still think they can't be that bad, read this interview with a Swiss banker, where he explains what these people commonly do and how the international banks are being used.

It is up to you to go through all available information and decide how significant the Bilderberg meeting and the media blackout around it is.

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