Haunted Klinik Dezombification Centre

By the end of the 20th century people on planet Earth became zombified almost beyond help. Subliminal programming,
social engineering, brainwashing, propaganda, poisoning of their food, water, air, and environment in general had led to
a significant decrease of their cognitive and mental abilities. The ruling class of psychopaths had successfully installed
an almost invisible slavery. Now most people are striving for meaningless goals they never reach in their zombie state.
Those who resist and try to wake the zombies up are constantly being targeted by various operations like COINTELPRO.
Only Knowledge determines who is able to survive as a human being and who is doomed to be a zombie slave for "life."

~ Zombie Apocalypse Unfolding ~

Global Police State 2020

Apocalypse with a Chance of Zombies

Global What? Worming? Warning?

Radiation Poisoning all Over the Planet

Bilderberg 2012 and Other News

The Rape of Libya & The Murder of Gaddafi

Bilderberg Conference part 2

Bilderberg Conference 2011

Updates June 2011

Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse

The Osama Circus Continues

Osama Dead! ...again... for real... no?

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How to Spot Zombies

Do Your Own Research!

Fighting the Global Elite - What YOU Can Do

~ Things that should be basic knowledge ~

Lies - Propaganda - Mind Control
- How we're being manipulated on every level

Who Are "They"? - Just who are really the people who rule the world? How does it work?

The History of the Rothschilds - How a small group of people can control most of the world.

Zionist Juice - What is Zionism & why it matters

Milgram Experiments - What they were, what were the results and what are the implications.