Bilderberg 2012 and Other News

As you may know, I haven't had time to write anything recently, but I'm trying to not start too many new projects, so hopefully there will be a bit more again.

There are a few things I want to mention, so let's start with Bilderberg. Mostly it's the same as every year and I wrote about it last year so you get the idea. The main difference is the attention it gets and that's some good news. This year there were 800 people travelling to Virginia to surround a certain hotel. That's a pretty big change in just a few years. Many people feel that if the big media won't report it, somebody just has to go and do it themselves, and there were many this year. This is good because more and more people are realizing that the MSM are nothing but bullshit and stop paying any attention to it, turning to the 'other' media, and even becoming it. I expect this will start happening more not just with Bilderberg, but also anything else that requires it. Interestingly though, even some of the big media [well, very few] at least made a minimum effort this year.

The elite atending the meetings are starting to feel the difference themselves. It's not as private as it used to be. They don't get to just talk in a quiet atmosphere, without being disturbed. They're being disturbed the whole time and it's a lot more difficult to attend the meeting secretly these days. There's a dissention going on, though. While some members don't bother hiding from the public eye anymore (because everyone knows they're there anyway), others still try to creep in secretly and aren't included on the official list, posted on the official Bilderberg website (which was obviously created with the idea that "hey, this is official so come and get the official lies from us instead of looking for the truth elsewhere").

In addition to more people taking a week off to go bug a few globalists, another big change is the hotel staff and the police. Just a few years ago these people had no clue who they were working for and what was going on. Today they know. And what's even better, they don't like it. The cops know what's going on but they have to do their job... so they at least try to not be assholes about it. The hotel staff obviously want to keep their jobs, but that doesn't stop them from reading reports on the meeting on the internet when they're not busy and sharing information with the crowd outside, which they seem to do quite happily. They make it awfully difficult for certain individuals who aren't on the official attendees list *cough* Romney *cough* to go unnoticed. By the way, Romney was invited, Obama wasn't. Any ideas?

As usual in the past few years, Charlie Skelton was there and i find his reports the most entertaining so I'll link those again this year, with some highlights:

Part 1 - preparations.

Part 2

"There's a lot of anger in the crowd this year a great wall of noise met each delegate as they swooped up the hotel drive. Personally, I thought the crowd was a little harsh at times: branding each new arrival "thieving scum!" when, looking at the delegate list, no more than two thirds of those arriving could reasonably be called that."

Part 3

" policeman tells us: "They're very scared by the reception the cars are getting, so they've told the drivers to accelerate now as they enter the hotel." There's also been a spate of bird-flipping from the drivers and bodyguards. Foot down and fingers up.

The police have rearranged the barricades outside the hotel, and implemented a zero tolerance policy towards people in the road. Two arrests have been made for 'jaywalking'. My wife witnessed the arrests, and tells me, "The police outside are genuinely worried that protestors will get run over. The limos aren't stopping for anything.""

Part 4

"This is what I love about Bilderberg. Having conversations that can swerve from the Brookings Institute, to Hegelian dialectics, to Daniel asking me: "Do you know the Olympic torch relay was invented by the Nazis?" This sparks a quick five minute chat about Goebbels, propaganda and Edward Bernays. Once we're on the Nazis it's a short hop and a skip back to Bilderberg.

Me: "So, you know Prince Bernhard worked for IG Farben?"

Daniel: "NW-7, their intelligence unit. And you know about Allen Dulles and the Nazi money?"

Me: "Oh my God Harriman, and the Bush family. It's incredible."

God I'll miss this place."

Part 5

"During cocktail hour, the delegates chatted amiably about Greek asset stripping to the tune of Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine. Over dinner, they divided up the post-invasion Iran restructuring contracts to Uprising by Muse. And just before the noise curfew kicked in, they sipped their coffee to the gentle sway of Megadeth's Endgame."

Part 6

"Poor Ken. It can't be easy for him, trying to reconcile being an MP, the minister for justice and a member of Bilderberg's steering committee. Imagine having interests so conflicted. No wonder if he's got a sweat on. Plus, he's trying his best to champion transparency, trumpeting it as "the most effective public inoculation against corruption that any country can have", while refusing to talk about the Bilderberg conference or any of the steering committee meetings."

Part 7

"Four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff told me Willard Mitt Romney was here at Bilderberg 2012. My four eyewitnesses place him inside. That's one more than Woodward and Bernstein used. Romney's office initially refused to confirm or deny his attendance as Bilderberg is "not public". His people later said it wasn't him.


The Washington Post saw Bill Gates come in. And I've got three eyewitnesses from inside who confirmed he was here. [...]

You won't see the names Mitt Romney or Bill Gates on the officially released Final List of Participants because, well, the list is a nonsense. It's nothing like a complete list of people who attend Bilderberg. It's a smokescreen, a bit of spin. So can we all, please, stop repeating it as gospel?"

So it looks like people actually are waking up, at least in small numbers. In other words only 99.98% of the population are zombies now. Improvement. But that's not the only thing happening so what's in other news?

As you should be aware of, the Fukushima disaster is... disastrous. It was really bad when it started and it's been getting worse every day for 15 months now. About thousand tons of radioactive water goes into the ocean every single day. Radioactive particles are floating all over the planet, mainly the northern hemisphere. It's in the rain, it's in milk, it's in many imports from Japan (seaweed, tea, etc.). And as if all that wasn't bad enough, the site at Fukushima is in such a desolated state that supposedly an earthquake of 6.5 would most likely destroy building 4, exposing the spent fuel pool, which would release something in the range of 50 times the radiation of Chernobyl. In other words the situation could easily become much worse very quickly.

I will write more about this later, with the next release of Radiation Poisoning [no pun intended]. The main point is, you should be aware of the situation and detoxify your body as much as you can, and of course not expose yourself to things that are clearly risky and will be for a long time.

Speaking of radiation and adding our favourite topic - zombies - I came across another zombie apocalypse related article.
This is pretty creepy and actually a bit more than what I ever expected to happen in the zombie area. At least not this soon. But things are getting weirder every day and I'm told it will escalate even more. The behaviour of psychopaths has been getting more extreme. Governments are getting ever more aggressive in implemeting measures to limit the freedom of the population, incidents of violence are getting weirder and more morbid, as you can see on this zombie stuff, and I see people around me who had psychopathic tendencies in the first place getting crazier and more dangerous. The tension is building up in all areas of life.

I would also point out that many things that we almost see as normal today because we got used to them are not. The constant bullshit about Iran's nuclear whatever; the lies about Syria; the notoriously fake US elections; Israel's open racism supported by millions of dollars per day from the US; the stubborn refusal of the MSM to report the most important things like Fukushima; people being fed toxic, genetically modified "food," often with no clue that it is so; people all around the world still dying for stupid and unnecessary reasons while useless institutions like the UN do nothing about it [not as much because they don't know how - you gotta figure out some solutions after decades of existence if you try - but rather because they just don't give a fuck]; governments spying on people and keeping millions of secrets from them; locking people in Guantanamo and such with no evidence of a crime, just suspicion or accusation; cops killing elderly people and children who pose no threat to them; proven criminals in high places staying in high places; most money being in completely useless things like Wall Street gambling and advertising while people are jobless, homeless and starving... the list would be way too long. All these things we're used to. We know they happen. We say "that's just how it is." But it certainly doesn't mean it's OK like that. How did all this crap become the norm? The sad thing is, that while reading about sudden cases of zombie attacks and cannibalism may surprise you and may seem horrible, the truth is that much worse things in scope are happening every day and we think it's normal. There's hardly anything normal in the world today.

So what does it all mean? Above all it means you should be paying damn good attention. If everything's been getting worse for decades despite world leaders acting as if they're trying to make things better, it's gotta hit you at some point that this trend won't change any time soon [unless you believe some magic is gonna stop it] and it will keep getting worse until it reaches a breaking point, whatever that may be exactly. It's gonna be really bad when it gets there. And then you'll have two choices. Either you'll know what's going on, what to expect, and how to deal with it, because you've been paying attention, or you'll be shaken from your blissful ignorance when it's too late, which will be like waking up among a crowd of hungry zombies with 3 seconds to figure out how to survive that. Trust me, nobody's gonna be ready just by passively listening to something and occasionaly reading. It will require a lot of active effort to make sense of what's going on, if you haven't started yet. Nobody's gonna do it for you and nobody's gonna help you. The rich and powerful won't, because they don't give a shit about you and have a long record of screwing you over. The poor and helpless won't either, because they'll be in the same shit as yourself.

Better start sobering up.

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