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I don't think I need to introduce this topic, so let's go through what we know.

The bio labs in Fort Detrick (Maryland, US) and Wuhan, China, had been working on modifying coronaviruses for years. The research in both places was funded through a guy named Tony Fauci, a creep with a long history of corruption, manipulation of scientific data, lies, fraud, and ending careers of honest researchers. Even without that, you might wonder why they'd try to make non-human coronaviruses (like from bats) capable of infecting humans. Seems like a really stupid idea, unless you're a psychopath.

In Summer 2019, Fort Detrick was closed due to security problems (read: escaping viruses). Apparently, according to official sources, the lab had security breaches every few days for years, but I guess this time it was more serious. A bit later, in October, we had the Military World Games in Wuhan, with participants from the US who had been in contact with Fort Detrick personnel. Many participants became sick there.

Some two months later, we were told that a new coronavirus appeared in Wuhan. Because the elite thinks we're all completely stupid, they told us it came from the Chinese people eating bats. Which is utter nonsense and not possible, which you already know if you listen to virologists and not politicians. Basically the only two places the virus could have realistically come from are the bio labs in Wuhan and Fort Detrick. Many scientists have noted that the RNA sequences show clear signs of bio engineering. Given the Fort Detrick shutdown and subsequent Military Games and a clear spread of cases there, I'd bet on Fort Detrick, but it really doesn't matter which one of the labs is to 'blame'. They had been working together anyway. Either way, it leads to Fauci, who just kind of incidentally told us in 2017 we'd definitely see a surprise outbreak during Trump administration.

If you want to know more about all this, read Judy Mikovits's book Plague of Corruption. She used to work at Fort Detrick, knows Fauci all too well, as he had played a major role in ending her career, and is probably the most qualified person to give you facts about viruses in general and about our current situation.

We now also know that the virus was already widespread in November last year, long before the official start of the fake 'pandemic'. Many countries acknowledged finding cases in November-December when retesting samples from that time. I myself had something in December that seemed too weird for the flu back then and in retrospect matches the reported symptoms of this thing, whatever it really is. Unsurprisingly, I survived and didn't need the whole world to shut down. Basically, the 'pandemic' was already going on in November, but nobody noticed because the media didn't scream about it 24/7. Nobody would notice today if the media were quiet. I haven't met anybody sick recently. Have you? How is there a 'pandemic' when you don't see sick people everywhere and hospitals are empty?

I've read hundreds of articles and spent hundreds of hours researching everything about this year's shit show in the last 5 months, and there's really no way to explain everything properly, because there's so much. As always, you have to do your own research if you really want to get it, so this will be just a brief overview.

- We know this coronavirus is no worse than the flu, even if we believe official data, which is vastly exaggerated to make COVID-19 look much worse than it really is.

- Official data are as fraudulent as can be.

- People are tested with tests about which their inventor, Kary Mullis (a cool guy, btw - look up some interviews), said they should never be used for diagnosing disease. They do not tell you whether you're sick. Just about anyone may randomly test positive for whatever they want.

- Antibody tests are no better, and the narrative changes all the time. One day if you have antibodies you're immune, the next days if you have antibodies you're sick, and so on.

- Counting of deaths is the greatest travesty ever witnessed. The funny thing is that the authorities have openly admitted this numerous times, yet it doesn't seem to make any difference. Anybody who dies, from whatever actual cause, is counted as 'dead from COVID-19', as long as somebody suspects the person might have had the virus. (No test needed.) These are the official guidelines of the CDC, WHO, and others, and admitted to in just about every country. They're basically telling you the counting of deaths is a total fraud and the numbers mean absolutely nothing, but then they continue to scare you with the numbers. Complete joke.

- The so called lockdown is nothing less than a declaration of war on humanity. (And sadly, I am not exaggerating at all here.) It does nothing to limit the spread of the virus (no matter how much you try to ignore the existence of a country called Sweden), but the destruction resulting from it is massive, and it's only beginning. This is the thing that should have woken everybody up, but it turned out that even a lot of people who were expected to see through this did not. There's so much wrong with this it would take a book to write it all out. The reason for the lockdown was officially to 'flatten the curve' and prevent hospitals from being overloaded. Hospitals worldwide have been emptier than ever before, resulting in many deaths due to lack of medical care (because if you don't have COVID-19, the only disease that matters this year, you can FOAD). More importantly, if the reason for the lockdown was this, then we're months past the point when it was relevant. The curve has been flattened (assuming the curve would have been any different without the lockdown, which is dubious). Yet the bullshit continues and even picks up speed in many places. Everything the authorities have said about this lockdown is straight out lies.

- We have millions of lost jobs and destroyed businesses. Retarded people think it's 'just money' and 'lives are more important'. They don't understand that the 'economy' is actually made of real people and their lives, and people are dying because of this lockdown. Alcoholism, domestic violence, depression, psychological damage, suicides, etc. are all on the rise, as well as people dying because they couldn't get into a hospital with things that are not cool enough for 2020, like cancer. No COVID - no medical care. It was reported recently (even admitted by the government) that there are now more suicides in the US than deaths from COVID. And that's despite the fact that over 90% of the so-called COVID deaths are from cancer, heart-attacks, pneumonia, the flu, and all kinds of things including gunshot wounds (yes, that was also reported for real). The damage from the lockdown is massive, irreparable, and will get worse.

- Then we have all the measures that make no sense, don't work, and are little more than insult to human intelligence. Unfortunately human intelligence is clearly in short supply, so the elite gets away with it.

- And just for the record, this virus has never been actually isolated and would never fulfill Koch's postulates. According to many experts, it doesn't cause COVID-19, and many argue we have no evidence it exists in the first place. Now, I think it does exist, but it hasn't been properly proven. Finding a chunk of RNA is not the same as isolating a virus. I also think the stress created by the media 24/7 has probably killed more people than this virus. And in fact, we have no clear evidence the virus has actually killed anyone.

If you want more facts about COVID-19, there are plenty here.

Let's change gears and go through the tracklist of Collective Suicide in Progress.

01. Quarantine of the Healthy
Because you're considered stupid, you were told you were in quarantine. But quarantine means isolating sick people. Isolating and restricting the movement and freedom of healthy people is more along the lines of fascism and torture, and makes no sense from the point of view of controlling a disease. (Amazing Polly made a very strong case that what is going on does indeed amount to torture.)

02. Propaganda Masquerading as Science
Everybody keeps saying that their view is supported by science, but the media have long ago stopped bothering to show any such science, mainly because they have nothing to show, as this supposed science doesn't exist. Apparently it's enough to just say 'science is on my side'. (Kind of like they used to do with god.) It's been shown with real world data that Sweden without a lockdown did no worse than other countries. It's been shown and even admitted by the authorities (at least until they say something completely opposite the next week) that masks do nothing to stop a virus. (The whole mask business has so many holes it's not even funny.) It's been proven with real data that COVID-19 is no threat to healthy people and the only group in danger is the group that's also in danger from everything else - the old and sick. All of this is very easy to confirm within 5 minutes. Yet every day we hear that lockdown helps, masks work, and staying 2 metres away from other people somehow keeps you healthy, and then they add that you 'can't argue with science'. If you 'can't argue with science', then clearly the media should admit they're lying about everything. But of course it's all propaganda, which is nothing new.

03. Anti-Social Distancing
What exactly is the 2 metre rule supposed to do? Can it stop a pandemic? No, and nobody has said it could. Can it slow it down? Maybe (probably not), but what's the point? Hospitals have been empty, so slowing down the spread of the virus serves no purpose. In the end, the same number of people will get sick with it. It just gives the old and weak more chance to get the virus. If we let the virus spread among young people, we'd have herd immunity faster and the old would be safe. Staying away from people does absolutely nothing to improve anybody's health. Quite the contrary. The psychological effects will be devastating. But this isolation also makes people less likely to communicate with one another (and, you know, talk about how the government is full of shit), makes people paranoid, and as we've all seen, turns a lot of them into self-appointed police, harassing those who don't comply with all this idiotic bullshit. Divide and conquer. Countries that ignore physical distancing have no more virus than other countries.

04. Contradiction-Caused Confusion
To increase the schizophrenia, the governments change the rules just about every day. The measures are different in every country (though pretty much uniformly useless), but whatever rules are in effect in any given place are claimed to 'work'... at least until that changes. This ever-changing chaos just fucks with people's minds, creates cognitive dissonance, and leads to arguments between people with today's information and people with yesterday's information. Claims made today contradict claims made last week. Masks work, but cases are increasing. Lockdown works, and things would be worse without it... but at the same time things are bad because a few people don't stay at home. The virus is not spreading because you're wearing masks... but the virus is spreading because a few people don't wear them. So things are good and bad at the same time, and the virus is being slowed down and spreading more at the same time. Confused? Yeah, that's the point. By the way, protests against lockdown spread the virus, but BLM protests help stop the virus from spreading. Try to figure out that one.

05. The Muzzle of Slavery
Nothing marks a slave like a face mask. Now some idiots are promoting wearing of masks, goggles, and face shields, all at the same time. If you can't see the elite is laughing in your face, your vision is probably blurry from the lack of oxygen caused by that mask. There's no proof masks can slow down the spread of a virus. It's known the virus is much smaller than the holes in the cloth. The WHO, Fauci, and many others have said at some point that the masks don't work. (Though all of them have also said the opposite.) Do the masks have any effect? Yes. They deprive you of oxygen, which causes all kinds of health problems (and stupidity as your brain cells die). You inhale back the waste you exhale - toxins, viral particles, etc. You can actually get sick by reinfecting yourself with your latent viruses, which is rather ironic. And you're most definitely weakening your immune system. People wearing masks for many hours a day, over the course of months, are almost certain to get sick in the Autumn from whatever virus they come across first. You might start noticing that the measures against the virus are actually designed to make people more sick, not less. Masks also constantly remind you that 'there is a pandemic'. Otherwise it might be hard to notice, since 99.9% of the people around you are not sick.

06. Stupidity Is the New Normal
If you went back to 2019 and saw pictures from 2020, you'd probably think mankind has gone completely bonkers. But somehow the way this idiocy was sold to people eased them into it, and they consider it the 'normal' now. People are obsessively washing hands, wearing masks and gloves alone in their cars, when cycling, or when swimming, and isolating themselves from anything they can. Of course all these strategies would have many holes in them even if they were valid in the first place, which they're not, but that's fine. Everybody's too stupid to see it.

07. Building Paranoid Fear of Others
The atmosphere this madness has created is bizarre. People are now afraid of everything living, from things they cannot see to other humans. They're afraid to touch things, pass another person, go to certain places, use cash (this one's really dumb and is pure political agenda - cash spreads viruses about as much as elephants spread dolphins), hug family members, and do a lot of other perfectly normal things. Meanwhile, about a hundred things kills more people than COVID-19, and nobody's worried about any of them. Is this designed to demoralise people and make them less likely to resist the authorities? You tell me.

08. Mandatory Tracking Spyware
Nothing says 'free society' like mandatory things, right? If somebody had told you a year ago that in 2020, when you get sick, you'll have to download a mandatory app to your phone that tracks you and tells the authorities where you are and whom you've met (and in some cases you actually have to take selfies every hour and send them somewhere), you might have called them crazy conspiracy theorists. Well, here we are. Even cattle seems more free than people in 2020. And all of this is building up to the ultimate endgame - mandatory vaccinations. Vaccinations have never worked and never been proven safe, caused untold damage, and are the most barbaric thing humanity has ever been exposed to. I would encourage everyone to read a book called Bechamp or Pasteur?, to see what kind of an incompetent idiot and psychopath stood at the birth of modern vaccines and Germ theory.

09. The Government Is the Virus
The real plague destroying our world and literally killing people is the government. And you may have noticed that the long-debated One World Government, generally considered a crazy conspiracy theory, of course, is really here already. There's no other way to explain how almost 200 supposedly independent governments have rolled out the same script that makes zero sense. There's plenty of evidence that all this had been prepared for years (see for example Event 201), and it's obvious governments around the world had been given instructions that they try to follow despite not always understanding them. The hidden hand is so evident it's unbelievable. But most people are distracted by MSM bullshit and probably wouldn't notice an alien invasion if the media didn't tell them about it. As long as most people believe that their enemy is a virus and not the government, we're all screwed.

10. The Cure Is the Disease
Everything that has been introduced as supposed measures against 'COVID-19' is the actual disease. The lockdown, the dehumanizing masks that make you sick, the paranoid distancing from others, the lies, the confusion, the loss of freedom, and ultimately the spectre of mandatory vaccinations (with genetic modification never properly tested) - that is the disease. And if you're fighting the wrong enemy, you have already lost.

Hopefully, if you've been following Haunted Klinik and especially Invisible Slavery, you didn't fall for the greatest con job of all time. Hopefully, you have some idea how to navigate through this madness. It's going to get worse and more chaotic. And it is not clear whether it will lead to complete slavery, or whether something will break and things will blow up in the elite's faces. My work has been aiming at the latter for many years. Clearly most people are heading blindly towards the former. Don't be one of them.

Distrust the Government
Avoid Mass Media
Fight the Lies

VotN, 2020-08-01
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