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Most people understand to some extent that they're being lied to. They might have a vague idea of who they're being lied to by. When it comes to why they're being lied to, that's where it becomes a lot more hazy. What they have very little clue about is how extremely purposeful and coordinated these lies are, how many people and institutions are involved in this, how monstrous these lies are, and what the goal of all this lying is.

It is not just that some corrupt politicians are lying in order to get [re]elected and enjoy lots of money and power. Or that the media are lying because they're too lazy to get the story straight. It's far beyond that. There's a strategy behind all of it. A strategy that most people never notice and so they become the pawns on the chessboard of global[ist] politics.

To understand how and why this is so organized and where it's coming from, you have to know who the people running the show are. If you do a bit of research on just the past hundred years, you'll notice that the people in power are still the same or closely related. It's a small group of people that has been in power for millennia and they're not planning on letting anybody take that away from them. They have their agendas and to fulfill them they have to manipulate all the people who aren't in on it into compliancy. For that they have to lie day in day out, because any mention of any truth would reveal their parasitic nature and agendas detrimental for 99% of all people on this planet.

So if they lie to hide the truth and their agendas, the root of the issue is, what is the truth and what are their agendas?

They are in power, they want to stay in power, and they want to have 100% control over everything and everyone. The part of the population not buying into the lies and understanding what's going on is a small minority, but even as such poses a potential threat. Let's say for illustration 1% of the population is the ruling 'elite,' 1% are the people who know the truth, and 98% are people who don't know anything and just do whatever they're told, aka the zombies as we call them. Whether it's actually 1/1/98 or 3/5/92 or whatever, doesn't really matter, point is that the 3rd group is by far the largest, in terms of numbers. As the largest group they inherently hold the most power, but lacking information and intelligence they can't use the power and give it away to whomever is smart enough to get it from them.

Therefore the 'elite' rules by means of conning the 98% into playing their game. The 'elite' cannot do anything by themselves, being lazy, morally weak parasites. To achieve anything they have to convice other people to do all the work for them. That is the role of the majority of today's society, to work for the ruling 'elite' to fulfill their goals. The ruling class has little trouble conning 98% of the population. It has, however, serious trouble controlling the remaining 1%. This is their threat. Not because the 1% can threaten the 'elite' on their own but because naturally they try to open the eyes of the 98% and make them see the truth.

Should that ever happen, the 'elite' would be doomed, because there is no way they could stand against the masses. Even if half of them realized the truth and the other half stayed asleep, it would be game over. Statistically in such a case the rulers would lose loyalty of half the police and army and everything so they couldn't control things even by force. And anyone awake has about 10 times as much power as the sleeping zombies, or more. The zombies only follow, they have no ideas of their own, no strategy, no goals except their own comfort. So waking up even 10% of the population would be a disaster for the rulers.

The game is then about keeping as many people asleep as possible, and eliminationg the awakened ones as much as possible. Of course they can't just keep killing them, because when people around you start mysteriously dropping dead or disappearing, that alone has the potential to wake you up and ask what the hell is going on. So attacking them must have a more sophisticated form. That's why you see so much mockery, rage and lies thrown at people who don't agree with the mainstream opinions in the media. That is if the media have to pay any attention to them at all, which is rare. These awakened people, if they manage to get enough attention from the public, are eliminated through character assasination, looking for any scandals they can be connected to, hiring fake "experts" to go in the media and discredit them with bogus science, ad hominem attacks or whatever suits them best at any given moment.

These are the reasons why the politicians, bankers, heads of corporations and people in the media - all either a part of the 'elite' or owned by them - have to lie every day. They have to maintain the illusion that the self-appointed rulers are actually elected by the people, that they serve the people, and that anyone who disputes that is either crazy or evil.

Along with that they push more lies designed to gain more control over the zombies and make it more difficult for the awakened people to do anything about the situation. One of the constant goals is to create more dependency of all people on the ruling 'elite.' One of the best examples is oil. They set things up so that everything is made out of oil, even though better sources could be used, they do their best to own as many oil fields as possible [I don't think the connection to Iraq and similar countries needs to be explained], and to make the leash tighter, they invent this lie that we will run out of oil, so that you pay them much more for it than you should. Of course oil is not fossil, it keeps replenishing itself, it's virtually everywhere around the planet, including huge reserves in the US, but they won't dig there or even mention it's there, because they're creating this illusion of scarcity of oil. But that is just one of many examples, other lies of that kind are vitrually everywhere.

As for how to make it more difficult for the awakened people to expose the lies, you can easily see it everywhere these days. Limiting people's rights and personal freedom, controlling access to information and ability to pass it on, and keeping track of everybody and everything. Even though you may not understand all the reasons behind it, you'd have to be really blind to not notice that there's less and less freedom under the pretense of security, that you're being watched by cameras everywehre you go, tracked by your cell phone and other devices, and that you can get punished [by fines or jail] for all kinds of ridiculous things, like throwing out newspaper, feeding pigeons or other birds, swearing on a bus, selling raw milk, downloading songs - $80,000 per song [do the math on your own collection], growing vegetables and so on. You don't have the right to do almost anything without the government's permission and you have to look over your shoulder 24/7, afraid to make a wrong move, just in case somebody thought that move was a part of a terrorist plot.

Now how was all of that achieved? Why did people accept all these stupid laws that take away their rights and privacy? Because they were sold massive lies. You all know that this escalated after 9/11. The difference is, a zombie thinks that 9/11 somehow happened the way the Bush gang said it did, and as a result they had to introduce these laws, while somebody who does a bit of research understands that they wanted to introduce these laws in the first place, so they created 9/11 to convince people such laws were necessary. Problem - reaction - solution.

Just about anything the media tell you every day is a lie, from small ones to huge ones. Let's look at the JFK murder. Those of us who pay attention know damn well who killed him and why, it's not a mystery at all. Kennedy wanted to give the power to print money back to the state, so he was a threat for the bankers, he wanted oversight over Israeli nuclear programs, which was a big issue and a threat to the Israelis, and he wanted other things to benefit the people, which would lessen the power of the ruling elite. So he had to go. It should be noted that the Kennedy family belongs to the 'elite,' which is why he was able to become the president in the first place. He was "their" man. But every now and then, one of "them" looks at things and realizes that all of this is just wrong and decides to break away from that insanity and change things. It's a difficult game, they won't just let you do it. Had they realized what he'd set out to do, they would have never let him become the president in the first place. They missed it, and apparently JFK was a pretty good player, because killing is a last resort solution. They couldn't find any other way to get rid of him, so it had to be the ultimate move. Later after that his brother figured out what was going on and tried to go and finish what JFK started. So they got rid of him too. That was also a warning for other people in such positions - play our game or you're out.

Try telling this to the zombies though, and they'll refuse to believe it. Even though you have all the evidence to support the truth and can logically reconstruct the case, they won't even look at it. Why? Because they can't even imagine something like that is possible, which is a result of their living in a completely fictional "reality" created by the media. To sell a lie, you have to support it with more lies. And if it's something as big as the JFK assassination, you have to create a complete fake reality in which the lie you're selling could happen, and every day repeat all the small parts of the big lie until the people believe that is the reality and become zombies, unable to see the truth, because the gap between the truth and the lie is so massive that they simply can not do such a big leap. To explain to them the truth about the JFK assassination you'd have to get through hundreds of little lies that are supporting the big lie in the zombie's mind, and an average zombie will lose interest after 2 or 3 of his "truths" become attacked. So now you understand that to maintain the control of things the lies told to people must be so massive that they will simply refuse to believe they could be lies.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists."
- J. Edgar Hoover [Director of the FBI 1935-1972]


One of the main tools to keep the lies in place is propaganda. You have a lie you need to sell, what do you do? You make it simple and understadable. It has to be simplified because the more complicated it is, the more discrepancies can be discovered in it. You must create an idea that is so plain that nobody will even think of doubting it because it seems so clear. Most people don't ask questions and don't like thinking too much. They like simple things. And the next trick, known to work like magic, is to make that false idea emotional. So instead of something logical and well explained like "these people believe in this and don't agree with that so they are doing these things to achieve such and such goals," where people could actually think about it, you go with simple and emotional, like "the EVIL TERRORISTS are attacking US and OUR country because they HATE our freedom!!" Never mind that on a logical basis this is completely idiotic and doesn't make any sense at all. The zombie doesn't think like that. The zombie catches on the words "evil terrorists," "me/us," "my/our," and "hate freedom." So instead of logical thinking there's an emotional thought process: "evil terrorists are attacking us" - we are good, they are evil, clear as day; "they hate our freedom" - hating freedom is bad! they must be really bad people - they are clearly OUR enemies and we must fight them! And that's it. No questions like "Do they really 'hate our freedom' or is somebody just telling us they do? Shouldn't we ask THEM first?" Logic is bypassed by simplistic emotional phrases. Try telling the zombies those people aren't really evil and don't hate anybody's freedom. They won't even think about "no? so who are they and what do they want?" They'll go straight to "Are you defending the EVIL terrorists?! You must be a terrorist too!" Because they hear every day about how the evil terrorists hate them.

And that is the last part of propaganda. After making it simplified and emotional, you repeat it every day. Zombies don't believe what sounds logical. They believe whatever tehy hear more often. They watch TV every day, talk to you once a week - you're wrong, TV is right.

Once you break through the hypnosis, wake up from your zombie state and realize what's going on, and then look at the media with new, critical eyes, you'll be amazed how ridiculous it all is. How they repeat the same things that are so clearly false, even contradicting themselves, saying one thing one week and the oposite the next, based on how political conditions change. You'll be left wondering how the hell you could have ever believed them. But that's what propaganda creates, and especially in the form of TV - a hypnotic state inside which things just look very different than they really are. Once you break the spell, the whole thing is so obvious that it's laughable.


So, lies are clear, propaganda is fairly well understandable, but what about mind control? Isn't it a bit too crazy? Well, if you think about what "mind control" really means, you'll realize that even what we have just described IS mind control. Mind control has many forms, and creating a false reality through media is certainly one of them. But there are other approaches to controlling people's minds as well.

You may have heard of Project MK-ULTRA. It was a project run by the CIA, involving experimentation on human benigs with hypnosis, drugs, sensory deprivation and other things, in order to find efficient ways of manipulating them, controlling them, and even using them for covert operations. The subjects did not volunteer for this and the whole thing was as illegal and immoral as it gets, which, after all, is standard operating procedure for the CIA [and other similar agencies worldwide].

I'm sure everyone knows how hypnosis works, and understands how drugs may be useful in such experiments. Along with the other methods the goal is to get the person out of their typical state of being, into a different state where they would be more willing to obey and follow orders without questioning them and without resistance. This can be to some extent achieved even through fairly ordinary means like trauma, fear or pain. But in order for this to be useful to psychopaths in the CIA and similar places, the subject should be able to perform the desired tasks not only efficiently but also reliably and without any failures, and after the task is done, never talk about it, which is best achieved if they don't remember it at all.

This of course requires intense individual work with the subject over a period of at least months, but preferably years, to work really well. This starts with choosing the targets, who should have some predispositions for it, like certain genetic traits or family history of abuse etc. It is best to start when they're children and work with them for decades. It is also best to combine all the useful methods together. If such requirements are met, the results can be unimaginable for most people, and the implications and consequences alarming and disturbing.

Through such long-term programming and conditioning it is possible to create several personalities, or better, identities, in a person, and program in triggers that will switch those identities. The triggers, implanted repeatedly during hypnosis, may be something like the subject picking up a phone and hearing a specific phrase, upon which the mind will switch into a different identity, which will then listen to instructions through the phone, perform a given task, go back home, and wake up the next day back as the original identity. This identity will have no memory of anything that happened after the trigger. You may think that a person would notice some inconsistencies if this happened, but these people are fully controlled in almost every aspect of their life. Their job, their family, everything is set up by the ones controlling them, whether it's the CIA or somebody else. They may also be programmed to not pay attention to inconsistencies and just get on with their life. Should there be glitches, more programming follows.

Various subjects may be programmed for various specific purposes. The typical [but not the only] ones would be sex slaves for women and assassins for men [if this doesn't perfectly describe the mentality of the people in power, then I don't know what does]. Remember the assassins like Oswald, who after the operation seemed strangely confused, and often were quickly disposed of completely? Must be pretty confusing when you return to your normal personality after another one has just killed somebody [in Oswald's case it hasn't but was setup to look like it has] and now you have no clue what really happened and why everybody's after you. Checking background of these "assassins" often reveals strong, long term military/CIA connections.

Now, all this may sound crazy and unlikely if you hear it for the first time, but that is simply because you have no deeper knowledge of the mechanisms involved. Such processes have been described by several people in great detail. There are whole families or bloodlines involved in some forms of programming for generations. It is much easier to control somebody if their parents are a part of the program as well. Let's look at some of this information.

Some years ago a woman using the name Svali came out to talk about her life in one such family. She was programmed and controlled since early childhood, and later became involved in programming others, therefore she knew a lot about the issue from both sides. At some point she realized what it was all about and decided she didn't want to be a part of it. This happens rarely and attempts to break away from this are usually unsuccessful. It takes a lot to get away from this, deprogram oneself, and not be brought back and reprogrammed. She was one of the few who managed to do that, and left a decent testimony of her experience through internet articles and interviews. For anybody who wants to understand the very basics of how this individual programming works, in simple and understandable language, I recommend listening to her interview with Greg Szymanski from 2006 in mp3 here or read the transcript here.

Another person who managed to get deprogrammed, in this case from Project Monarch [creating sex slaves], which was one of the many sub-projects of MK-ULTRA, is Cathy O'Brien. According to many, Project Monarch is still operational, just like several other MK-ULTRA projects. Don't think for a second that they just stopped it. Sure they say they did, just like they used to say they were not running anything like that in the first place. Lying and deceiving is basically the CIA's primary Modus Operandi. Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, the guy who deprogrammed her, gave a 95 minut lecture about this in 2001 at the Grenada Forum. You can watch it on youtube. It is a good supplementary material to Svali's interview. You can also watch another of Cathy's lectures here [part 1] and here [part 2].

Another survivor of MK-ULTRA is Brice Taylor, who wrote a book about her experience titled "Thanks for the Memories." Her story is similar to that of Cathy O'Brien. You can buy her book or maybe check The Pirate Bay.

Perhaps one of the best articles around dealing with this issue is The Greenbaum Speech. It goes deeper into the mechanisms involved in programming under hypnosis, how different identities in one person are created and how they interact with one another, as well as how extremely tricky and difficult it is to deprogram these people.

Since mind control is an issue that most people simply refuse to believe exists, it is difficult to get any idea of what we're dealing with here from any brief description or explanation. Therefore I recommend to anyone who really wants to know what it's all about, if it's possible at all, and how it may work, to read at least the Svali interview and the Greenbaum Speech, for starters. It would be useful to also have some basic background knowledge in hypnotic regression.

There are still other methods used for mind control. EM [Electromagnetic] waves have many uses and since our body, the nervous system, the brain, is basically an electromagnetic device, sending EM waves of specific frequencies from an external source in our direction can have many effects. So obviously some psychos would think of using it for mind control. And of course it works. Even TV has some of that effect - surely you've seen a room full of people watching TV, with the stupid look on their faces, lost in a different world, hypnotized by the flickering screen. Is it doing something to them? Well, it may not have a direct detrimental effect [but then again, it might], but it DOES put you into a slightly hypnotic trance, changing your brain frequency. That may still be ok, your brain frequency changes when you sleep, it's natural. Problem is that for mind control, several methods are usually combined. The frequency of the EM waves from TV change your brainwaves, you become less active and more perceptive and suggestible... and as you may now imagine, you become more open to the information you're getting from the TV. So you can put 2 and 2 together - if the TV is telling you bullshit 24/7 and you're under slight hypnosis, you're more open to believing all this bullshit. The TV is running standard propaganda and you're easily believing it because the EM waves emitted by the TV make you more passive and receptive. Of course, it gets more powerful and efficient with HDTV, which they're now only happy to bring to all households.

We have talked about how purposeful and coordinated all this deceiving and lying is, and how the best effect is achieved by combining many forms of controlling your mind. So besides TV, could there be something even bigger going on that's changing your brainwaves? This is what HAARP is for. Unfortunately most people in the "truth community" still aren't catching up with this and believe that HAARP is for weather control and causing earthquakes. While it certainly has a decent capacity in that area, it also has a huge capacity for mind control and guess what has a higher priority for the PTB? Controlling the weather or controlling your mind? Should be clear. As a sidenote, there are most likely satellite-based weapons/machines that can mess with weather and some weather control is definitely going on, but in case of HAARP that is an appreciated cover story to divert attention from the real issue.

HAARP with its huge ass antennas can send EM waves of various frequencies and immense strength all over the place. So you can send frequencies that put people into a hypnotic, apathetic state over vast areas, and then the rest of the machinery - propaganda and lies and all - do the rest of the job. Just look at the people in the US, where HAARP mostly operates. They have miserably little knowledge compared to for example Europe and getting worse every year, attention span nearing zero, they believe more media lies than anybody else on the planet, think mostly about celebrities, sports, food and TV shows, and generally get more and more disconnected from reality. It is not because they are inherently stupid, it is because they are being targetted more than anybody else. With HAARP turning their brains into mush and the clowns in the government and psycho-idiots on the media feeding them incredible crap day in day out, the gvt destroying the educational system and making people suspect and fear one another in total terror paranoia, this is the inevitable result.

Aside from HAARP we may also consider other EM transmitters. There are plenty of cell phone towers around, as anyone knows. Apart from the fact that they are very detrimental to health as is, the question is, what can they really do, apart from transmitting microwaves for cell phone use? And another question, just because it looks like a cell phone tower, can you be sure it is? These towers just get build and almost nobody asks about them, assuming they're just "harmless" cellphone towers. But knowing the potential for any bigger EM transmitter, and knowing what kind of people are in power and what their agenda is, it would have to be a miracle that they wouldn't have any other use for these towers than sending signal to your cell phone. And how many other things we commonly use are being used for other purposes than we know of?

So the bottom line is that to one degree or another all of this is going on everywhere. What can you do about it? Be aware and be informed. If you're aware somebody's trying to sell you a lie and you undrestand what they're doing and why, it's not gonna work on you. This goes even for EM waves and subliminals, to some extent - if you know those things exist and are being used, you will take that into consideration when judging any situation and often will be able to deflect its effect just by being aware. And like with everything else, do your own research. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.


"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, It is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."
- Hermann Goering

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."
- Henry Kissinger

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."
- George W. Bush [he's a funny guy]

"There's three things to remember: claim everything, explain nothing, deny everything."
- Prescott Bush

"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because most people don't want to admit they don't have the courage to do anything about it. Most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all."
- Michael Rivero

Below are some more articles explaining the principles and forms of mind control, how it works, how it utilizes your mind, what it hides behind etc.

Mass Mind Control by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

The Positivity of Objectivity and the Time of Transition by Bernhard Guenther. Talks about how even people in the "truth community" fall prey to mind control and lies as they fail to remain objective and see only what they want to see.

Mind Control - The Ultimate Terror - an excellent overview of mind control with LOTS of links.

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