Osama Dead! ...again

I was wondering what I would put up as the first news article when the mainstream media did me a favour by starting this worldwide circus about Osama having been killed by the CIA. When I read the headlines I thought "Wow, he's dead again? That's like... the 3rd or 4th time in the past 10 years or something like that?" So I was curious what the story was and it turned out it was rubbish more ridiculous than I'd have expected.

Let's do some background check here.

1. Osama had nothing to do with 9/11, therefore his state of affairs is largely irrelevant in the first place.

2. The US gvt was never really looking for him. Osama's value was in being a terror boogieman and as such had to be alive. You can't scare too many people with a dead terrorist.

3. His death has been announced several times over the years, being put as far back as December 13, 2001.

4. The CIA has released several videos of Osama during these 10 years, all of them proven to be forged. The most obvious forgery was the one where "Osama" confessed to being behind 9/11. You'd have to be megablind to believe the guy in the video is him. Just to remind everyone, we're talking about an agency that started its career with Project Paperclip, continued with MK-ULTRA and the list goes on and on. And yes, the same CIA is now telling us they finally got Osama. Very credible source.

5. As everybody should know, if anything can be blamed on Osama, we must not forget that he was trained and funded by the CIA in the first place [yes, just like Saddam].

6. "A worldwide terrorist organization called Al-Qaeda" does not exist and never has. It's a name given to Osama's group by the CIA [damn, those guys won't stop popping up in this!] and Osama's group comprises of no more than a few dozen people. 90% of their alleged terrorist attacks were in fact carried out by the usual suspects, CIA, MOSSAD & MI-5 or 6.

OK then, let's proceed. To make matters a lot more funny, the media supported the claim of his death by one single piece of "evidence," this picture:

The more you stare at it, the more amazing it looks. Lower part of the head seems to have a bit different color and to be a bit more blurry than the upper one. Hmm. I wouldn't use this one as an advertisement for Photoshop. But what's more funny? How obviously fake it is, or the fact that the picture has been around for 2 years or so?

[detailed how-to guide not included, sorry]

But at least you know that the guys over at Langley are putting taxpayers' money to good use. Read more about this fake Bin Laden debacle here.

OK, so if that was the only "proof" of Osama having been killed now by the CIA, then there isn't much left to go by, is there? Another amusing piece of SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] was when I read they had "buried" him in the ocean within 24 hours, not telling anyone where exactly [to ensure the spot wouldn't become a tourist attraction or somethnig - that was their argument anyway]. For those of us who have been watching such operations for some time this ties into the question "where is the evidence?" Where is it? Under the ocean, of course, where else? As always we hide it so that nobody can find it and prove we're full of shit once again, right? Well, I'd say in this case it's pretty easy to prove even without it.

So the picture is a proven fake, the body is allegedly under the ocean, so how do we know any of this happened? Let's see, where did the media get their info? Oh, from "unnamed source." I know that guy! Unnamed Source has been providing most info about all this terrorism, he's really good. Or is it she? Who knows.

Alright, fun day for the mainstream media. At least in the west. While the americans are apparently screaming "USA! USA!" in the streets, celebrating some more killing, it is interesting to look at what other countries get to read, for example check this article on pravda.ru. Pretty sobering, eh?

I also stumbled upon Jim Kirwan's article dissecting Obama's speech. I was planning to write much of that stuff myself but he saved me some work, so go and read that one. Even if you know that Obama has been lying pretty much every day since he appeared on the "scene," it's still a bit mind boggling what outrageous bullshit he can let out of his mouth. On the other hand, there's nothing like resurrecting a lot of bullshit before the elections. Gotta raise your ratings somehow and what else is there to raise a politician's ratings than bullshit?

But don't worry, killing the world's main terrorist [let's play along with that for a minute] is not going to decrease terrorism and make you safer. On the contrary, the puppet clowns like Obama and the MSM are already making it clear that there wil be even more terrorism now. Fear and panic, yay! On that note, wouldn't it have been better to leave the guy alive? Ah well, maybe he'll have another resurrection next year.

More articles if you're interested:
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- Obama-Osama: Your Daily Psy Op by K.R. Nilsen for henrymakow.com
- Lies, Damn Lies And Bin Laden's Death by Stephen Lendman
- Circus Clowns and Sideshow Freaks by Brandon Smith. A comprehensive look behind the scenes of all this, explaining how government really works. Well worth reading. Interestingly, it also mentions a zombie.
- Bin Laden is Dead, Long Live Bin Laden - a video from August 2010.
- A BBC documentary called The Power of Nightmares (torrent1 or torrent2-HQ) where they say that Al Qaeda doesn't exist and explain how it was invented. youtube clip with that part (also showing the fun footage where Rumsfeld shows on TV the sophisticated cave system where "Osama is hiding," which he totally made up)

And since we're all about zombies here, i think this poster by David Dees is most fitting:

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