The Osama Circus Continues

I stare in amazement at what's going on and can hardly believe my eyes. Firstly, I am amazed at what kind of fairytales the CIA (or whoever is making this stuff up) has the guts to present as real. I am (not really that much) amazed at how easily the media can run this nonsense without checking any facts, requiring any evidence, or even being aware of previous events. I suspect the media people live in a world of their own, one they have created and convinced themselves is real, but has in fact almost no connection to reality. And thirdly I am amazed at how the masses of zombies can believe all these fabrications.

Today I read reports depicting how the killing of OBL allegedly went down. The problems with that story are so numerous, that even people who aren't aware of much of what's been going on in the past 10 years, should catch upon some of that, if they were thinking. As it appears though, they are so programmed by the MSM [mainstream media] that they just automatically swallow any lie the media pushes down their throats and thinking has no place in that process.

The first article I read didn't make much sense so I started reading more and more, trying to piece together what the hell supposedly happened in that house. With every new bit of information I got, the picture of the whole event became more... unclear. There isn't much the "officials" reporting all this seem to agree on.

Quotes in italics are from various sources.

New York Times: "Administration officials said that the only shots fired by those in the compound came at the beginning of the operation, when Bin Laden's trusted courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, opened fire from behind the door of the guesthouse adjacent to the house where Bin Laden was hiding. After the Seal members shot and killed Mr. Kuwaiti and a woman in the guesthouse, the Americans were never fired upon again."

"The Times notes that this account differs from an official version of events issued by the Pentagon on Tuesday which said the Seal members "were engaged in a firefight throughout the operation""

OK, so they're not really sure whether there was shooting the whole time or not. Who's supposed to notice in all that confusion?

"On the first floor, the Seals killed the courier and his brother, and the courier's wife died in crossfire. They shot open some doors. They then swept upstairs and burst into a third floor room, entering one at a time, said Carney." [White House spokesman Jay Carney]

The 3 floors were in the house Osama was allegedly hiding in. If you were paying attention, you have noticed that in the first report the courier was killed "behind the door of the guesthouse adjacent to the house where Bin Laden was hiding." So we're not sure where the courier was killed.

Now we get to the room on the third floor, with Osama, his wife, his daughter, his son, and another woman inside [as far as I can gather from the reports at this point].

"Bin Laden's wife charged at the Seals, crying her husband's name at one point. They shot her in the calf." And from another article: "The commandos opened their room with a grenade or shooting at the door."

Alright. Grenades and shooting, you storm in, a woman runs at you and you shoot her in the calf. How long can it take from her starting crying to her getting shot? 1 to 1.5 seconds? And "at one point" she cried her husband's name? Now I'm really curious what she was crying at all the other points in those 1.5 seconds. I myself can barely say "Osama Bin Laden" in one second.

A maybe more disturbing report is one that says that as the wife was running towards the commandos, one of the soldiers shot at her in self defense. Say what?! Imagine you're a woman sitting in your room, somebody "opens" your door with grenades and gunfire, you start running and screaming... and suddenly you're the attacker and a fully armed soldier shoots you in self defense? What a free world we live in. Makes me wonder if that soldier got transfered to the Seals from the IDF, which is notoriously know to shoot even 5 year old children in "self defense."

"Officials told AP that one Seal grabbed a woman, fearing she might be wearing a suicide vest, and pulled her away from his team. Whether that was Bin Laden's wife has not been confirmed."

Yeah, they wear suicide vests while sitting at home. Nothing like a good paranoia. And again even the media aren't sure who's who.

"Also in the room were Bin Laden and a son. The first bullet struck Bin Laden in the chest."

Er... I thought the first bullet struck the wife in the calf. But maybe they told the story in the wrong order? Maybe they shot him first and then the wife started running and crying? Would be more logical, actually. I would definitely get the most wanted terrorist first and only then pondered about murdering his wife. In self defense, of course. OK, so I checked other articles. Nope, first the wife, "then came Bin Laden's turn."

Now, the reports seem to agree on one thing at least. Osama didn't shoot and didn't even touch the kalashnikov that was in his reach. So while his wife took the initiative and ran at the soldiers, the world's scariest man was sitting on the floor doing nothing. But maybe he at least appeared to be doing something.

"Officials speaking anonymously told the Associated Press that Bin Laden appeared to have been lunging for a weapon in a room that contained his trademark AK-47 assault rifle and side arms."

I talked at the end of this article about how to read between the lines of MSM reports. "appeared to have been lunging" means nobody can say for sure that he was. Also notice the "Officials speaking anonymously." Why in the hell would they have to say this anonymously, unless they're making this up? Where there's secrecy, there's something to hide.

Another, almost anecdotal excerpt about the kalashnikov: "...kalashnikov, which he probably took from a Russian general in 1987"

Probably. Meaning they don't know. So what makes them say that? Maybe since 1987 Osama had no other opportunity to get his hands on an AK-47 so it must have been that one? Seriously, if you have no clue where that weapon came from, you report "a kalashnikov." You only report something you don't know when you're making it up and want the story to sound interesting [and possibly paint Osama as the bad guy who steals AK-47's from Russian generals].

Hmm, wait a minute. 1987, Russian general... wouldn't that be from the time when the CIA trained Osama to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Why didn't they throw that detail in, I wonder. Anyway, speaking of that "appeared to be" kind of thing...

"When the commandos moved into the main house, they saw the courier's brother, who they believed was preparing to fire a weapon. They shot and killed him."

Believed. As in he wasn't. If he was, the report would definitely read "who was preparing to fire a weapon." The last time I checked it was not legal to murder someone who you believe is preparing to fire a weapon. 20 Navy Seals, one guy. What happened to good old "Don't move! Hands behind your head, get on your knees!" and while 2 commandos tie him up, the rest of the team moves on? "Ah sorry boss, we figured he wouldn't understand English so we just killed him." Smart thinking.

The other woman in the room "is understood to be a Yemeni doctor in her 30s whose passport indicates that she arrived by legal means in the region between 2000 and 2006, when the document expired. The Pakistani official, from the main intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), said verification of the exact identity of the woman was continuing. "We are not sure if she is a doctor, a nurse, a maid or what," he said."

I'll be damned. They threw Osama in the ocean some 10 hours after they allegedly killed him, in which time they somehow managed to DNA identify him, even though according to a forensics expert DNA analysis takes around 2 days. They did it under 10 hours somewhere en route to an unknown burial location in the ocean. But after 3 days, they just can't figure out who this woman is. Wonder if they tried asking her. I mean the daughter told them "I am a Saudi. Osama bin Laden is my father." What a nice girl. The wife identified Osama's body for them. Seems like such a nice, cooperative household. But this darned woman just won't tell them who she is. And for some reason, while the daughter and wife were only happy to point out "Yes, yes, this is Osama bin Laden," they just won't say who this woman living with them is. The world is a mysterious place.

The most mysterious thing though, one that I really don't get, is why despite all the ruckus going on Osama just stubbornly refused to hold a gun. So 4 helicopters approach your house. You might stay calm, but if you're the world's most wanted man, there's a pretty good chance 4 helicopters arriving at your house did not come to ask your neighbour directions and might actually be looking for you. The helis seem to have some enhancements to be less noisy but... "Some of those living near the compound said they did not hear the helicopters until they were almost directly overhead." So they did hear them when they arrived. So you'd think at least one of the 5 people in Osama's room would notice. On top of that, one of the helicopters crashed. Helicopter crashes tend to make loud sounds even if they can fly silently. But he won't reach for his gun, no. Then they're shooting the courier either outside or on the first floor [take your pick]. You definitely gotta hear that. Nah, no gun, just sit on the floor, everything's fine.

"The raiders trying to get into the house breached three or four walls, Panetta said." [CIA director Leon Panetta]

No need to panic, must be the goats going through walls again.

Alright. So the Seals go through the second floor, killing some more people, get to the third floor, throwing grenades at doors and shooting at them, until they blow to pieces the door of Osama's room but the damn bastard just won't reach for that kalashnikov! I mean what the hell, is this guy a pacifist?!

If nothing else, this is the one thing that anybody whose brain isn't completely dead should notice.

"Several of the survivors, including Bin Laden's wife, were injured in the 40-minute firefight that preceded the al-Qaida leader's death."

Hear that? 40-minute firefight! During which Osama was just sitting on the third floor and never touched his kalashnikov. You gotta be.....#%@^$! I'm starting to think the leader of "Al Qaeda" was actually that mysterious woman they can't identify.

Alright, whatever, let's move to some other details.

"John Brennan, President Barack Obama's chief counter-terrorism adviser, had initially claimed Sadah was killed while "she was being used as a shield", but the White House later said that account was inaccurate." [Sadah is the wife]

Of course it was "inaccurate." The term the WH was looking for, though, is "made up." But despite that, they had to go ahead and say it anyway. Nothing like the "bad guy uses woman as a shield" propaganda. Because what if you got the wrong impression and thought the bad guys were the soldiers shooting unarmed people?

About the enhanced Blackhawk helicopters: "Dan Goure, a former Pentagon official now with the Lexington Institute thinktank, told ABC News: "This is a first. You wouldn't know that it was coming right at you. And that's what's important, because these are coming in fast and low, and if they aren't sounding like they're coming right at you, you might not even react until it's too late ... That was clearly part of the success.""

Oh yes, it was a success because they didn't hear the helicopters. Let's forget about the 40-minute firefight between the heli arrival and Osama's death. This is what happens when multiple people are making up the details of a story independently.

"... four of the five people who died, including the al-Qaida leader, were not armed."

That's OK, they were killed by americans.

"Separately, MSNBC news reported that four of the five people killed during the operation were unarmed at the time and did not fire a shot. However, the New York Times quoted officials as saying the Seals were in a "threatening and hostile environment" and believed throughout that they were under threat."

Yes, it's called paranoia. "Threatening and hostile environment" means there were no McDonald's and people had brown skin and were speaking some weird language, possibly Chinese. So the special unit of more than 20 Navy Seals (according to other reports there were 79 of them) believed they were under threat and could be overpowered any minute by something like... maybe Godzilla.

"Meanwhile Pakistan's foreign secretary has widened his country's rift with the US over the unilateral American operation by suggesting it could have violated guarantees in the UN charter over national sovereignty."

So what? Don't you know that the US and Israel don't give a damn about international law, the UN or anything else and nobody ever dares to hold them responsible for anything? Move along, nothing to see here.

Obama: "It's important for us to make sure very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool. That's not who we are."

That's strange because the fake picture of dead Osama that was also a graphic depiction of somebody who was shot in the head was floating around without problems. Also consider the fact that if those photos were released, the number of pieces of evidence that support this fairytale would rise up to 1! And of course, incitement of violence and propaganda, that's certainly not what the US government is about. It's about... um... er... ah nevermind.

"The Iranian defence minister, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, said: Bin Laden's death report is suspicious in essence, since they claim that they have discharged his body in the sea. We should ask why they have not allowed an impartial party to observe this process."

It is not rare that the Iranian government is among the very few who make sense, point out serious problems with a suspicious story and have the common sense to demand evidence and/or investigation. Worth noting.

The list of notable things goes on and there's too much information from various sources flying around to address or even catch all of it. What is obvious though, is that the story is totally inconsistent, contradictory, doesn't make any sense, relies on too many unnamed and anonymous sources and provides no evidence whatsoever. Some of the things I pointed out may be explained easily at some point, but for the story to be true, you'd have to explain all of them. If the inconsistency can not be satisfactorily explained and no clear evidence is presented, there is no reason why anyone should believe the story is true. And even if they later put together some explanations like they're trying to do, it should be asked why with cases like this one they can never get it right the first time and have to change the story several times a day. From what I'm seeing though, most people believe it and show no signs of even thinking about it.

That being the case, the stage is thus set up for another false-flag terrorist attack, which I'm sure the CIA and MOSSAD types have prepared in numerous variations, and this one must be significantly larger in scope than 9/11, because otherwise it won't have the needed impact. Following that is the standard reduction of your freedom some more, increased "security" measures again, and another step towards the long term goal, global police state. Who will be the next "enemy?" Will "islamic terrorism" still work? Or is something bigger in store? Maybe the long awaited false-flag "alien" invasion? We'll see. The zombies will buy just about anything now.

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2011-05-09 Update

The parties responsible for creating this fairytale are not ready to let it go just yet, so they keep making stuff up and thus giving you all some more opportunity to discover more lies and holes in their story. I don't want to spend much time on this so just a few comments.

Some videos have been released claiming to show Osama living in the compound. If you haven't seen them yet, check here and here. Needless to say, if I were to post a video of myself watching TV, it would be proving the story of Osama's killing about as much as this stuff is. Both videos are without audio, I call that Israeli style. They always remove the audio because with audio it's much easier to prove it's a fake.

Then in the first one you have an old man watching TV. From the angle you can see him, there's no way anybody can positively identify who that is. Just some old man with a beard, should be enough to dupe the american public. This time he doesn't even have a turban, just some weird cap. No dialysis machine in sight either. He has some heavy old coat on him, as if it's freezing there, though that town is supposed to have a "humid subtropicalmoderate climate." For a supposedly very rich man in control of the largest terrorist group on Earth, who cared about his image presented to his followers [that's what the media say] he looks more like a homeless guy who got invited by a poor household to watch some telly. The coat also covers all of his body, just in case you could identify him by some details, so now you can't. You can't see the face, not even really from the side, more like half side, half from the back, so what is there to identify him? Well you can see he's holding the remote control in his right hand, that's about it. Osama was left-handed, so that doesn't help the story much either.

In the second video there's another impostor "rehearsing" for his speech. It's amazing when you put all these guys next to each other how each of them looks very different. There are many ways you can determine it's not the real one. I don't wanna repeat what others have pointed out so just check the links below.

An interesting report I want to mention: "A poll published in Pakistan shows that 66% of people believe the man killed was not Osama bin Laden." That's a significant majority, from the country where it supposedly happened. That includes people from Abottabad directly. It's easy to sell lies half the planet away, but not so easy right where it happened. More weird stuff concerning the house in question is coming out, check the links.

Now the media are telling us that Al-Qaeda has confirmed Bin Laden's death. But is it really the case? This is from MSNBC: "Although the statement's authenticity could not be independently confirmed, it was considered to be authentic." And we're back to nobody really knows for sure but we decided it suits our propaganda so we'll act like it's authentic. And they they go into all kinds of theories and predictions that are based on the assumption that Al-Qaeda [whatever that realy means] actually said those things, which nobody can confirm. If you read the content of that "message," it sounds a lot more like what the CIA would want you to believe than what any muslim would actually say. But as western zombies know virtually nothing about islam, except what the western propaganda tells them, which is 99% lies and nonsense, it's easy to convince them that the "evil muslims" would say all those nasty things.

Anyway, this circus is becoming more pathetic every day so I'll drop it now. Do your own research, check the facts, look for evidence, and think while you're reading or listening to "news."


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