The Rape of Libya & The Murder of Gaddafi

I haven't had much time for writing lately, but there are two main issues that have been on my mind for some time. One of them is the case of Libya. This monstrosity is the most disgusting I have seen since Operation Cast Lead. The lies thrown at TV viewers every day, the double standards, the disregard for international law so typical for NATO, just as it is for Israel, and the increasingly common celebration of murder, death and destruction - all of that has been truly sickening.

You've all heard the propaganda, but how much of it has any resemblance of reality? There are many issues to look at. Let's start with the so called "freedom fighters." First question should be: "What kind of freedom are they fighting for that they don't have?" And right there you will find the first disconnect from reality. Libya was the most advanced African country, whether you look at standard of living, education, healthcare, social benefits, or people's rights, especially women's. Actually nevermind Africa, in many areas Libya was way ahead of the US. And contrary to what you've been told, the Libyans know it.

According to polls over 90% of Libyans supported Gaddafi. There have been large pro-Gaddafi demonstrations, too, but of course the western media ignored them. Remember the failed CIA coup d'etat against Chavez? Where the media fed you fairytales about how the people revolted against the evil dictator Chavez, how Chavez's people brutally killed demonstrators and whatnot... and most people believed all that crap until the facts got out, summarized in the movie The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. [click to watch on yt] Then you could see that the people actually supported Chavez, there were pro-Chavez demonstrations, and only a small minority, the rich elite, wanted to get rid of him, because Chavez did what he could for the people, mainly the poor, improved healthcare and education, but limited the political influence of this rich elite. It's not like they suffered any hardships or were lacking anything. They were still leading their rich lifestyles. They were just pissed off that they didn't call the shots in politics - which, of course, they reasonably shouldn't, duh. As for the violence and brutality, you can watch the movie to see which side was the one guilty of such things.

Well, I'm having a deja-vu here. Gaddafi achieved a lot for his people, they supported him, and who was it fighting against him? "The Libyan People"? Nope. It was the CIA. It was NATO. Curiously enough, it was fighters who came from Afghanistan, where they fought alongside the Taliban and the so called "Al Qaeda" against the US. You see, Al Qaeda is only the enemy of the US when it suits the US. When they need to get rid of Gaddafi and Al Qaeda is there to help, they will happily provide weapons and intelligence. And then apply a massive spin on the events in the media. Which means basically lie about everything. And while that fails within the internet community, where it is so easy to find real information and get the facts straight, it is still massively successful among the larger population. Most people are still too dumb to look for information actively, check facts, demand evidence etc. They just sit in front of their TV, accept passively whatever comes out of that tube, and get irradiated by a small dose of electromagnetic radiation and a large dose of bullshit every day.

So, what do we know about these "rebels"? We know they don't represent the people of Libya. We know they've been assisted by the CIA from the beginning. We know that without the support of NATO they would have had no chance whatsoever. Their demands were never very clear. "We want freedom." Well, you had more of it than most countries all around you. It just looks like they've been playing out a script written by the West. And we know well the West had such plans well in advance [more about that later]. If you've read The History of the Rothschilds you will remember this:
There are now only 5 nations in the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.
There you see the problem. Libya didn't have a Rothschild controlled central bank, because Gaddafi would not allow that. Now remember the first thing that the "rebels" did was to create a central bank. How much of a coincidence can that be? You'd think they'd have other priorities at the top of the list, but no, it was a central bank. 2+2 anyone? You may also remember the Which Path to Persia? article describing the plans of the West for Libya, Syria and ultimately Iran. This so called revolution didn't happen spontaneously. It was planned and these "rebels' are but pawns in this game.

The western zionist media call them "freedom fighters." I think torturer-murderers would fit them better. In June Susan Lindauer wrote this article about the behaviour of these "freedom fighters." It has plenty of pictures and videos that show the nature of these... can't really call them people. This is not how human beings behave. This shows psychopathy at its best. Torture, murder... all of this society's sickness. By the way, those of you with weaker stomachs, don't even watch those videos unless you have a bucket near you.

Fast forward a few months to the capture of Gaddafi. Realize that they captured him alive, and then they murdered him. That's not ok under just about any law on this planet. It's not an accident. It's not "just war." It's murder. Do we punish the murderers? No, not if they have any connection to the US or NATO or Israel. We just celebrate the murder. If you look at the video of Gaddafi's capture, you will learn some more about these "rebels." Well, not really some more but rather more of the same. Can you see human beings in that video? I see somethnig that resembles rabid dogs. Only a bit worse. As the article says, according to the Geneva Conventions, abuse of prisoners under any circumstance is not permissible. What it forgets to mention is: "When any kind of abuse is done by the US, UK, Israel, or their allies, we don't give a fuck about Geneva Conventions." As a sidenote, when you see a bunch of thugs screaming "Allah Akhbar" while having fun beating the crap out of someone and then murdering him without trial, you know they're not really muslims. Ask any real muslim what he has to say about that. These are just thugs for hire. But the Western media will do their best to convince you these are 'freedom fighters' who need our help. Well, when it comes to help with murdering people, the West always has plenty to offer.

One of the greatest and most widespread lies is how Gaddafi was a "brutal dictator." From my research it looks like nothing could be further from the truth. I still find it hard to believe that any political leader could be a really good guy, and I'm sure he must have done some bad things, but the more I look and read, the more achievements of his I find, and the more lack of evidence there seems to be for his 'evil' deeds. Unless you count how he brutally dictated that his people will have free healthcare and education.

The achievements of this man are quite outstanding. I've already mentioned a few of them and you can read Michel Chossudovsky's Destroying a Country's Standard of Living: What Libya had Achieved, What has been Destroyed. It is not an easy task to improve and build so many things in any country in one lifetime. No western leader in the past 100 years can claim such accomplishments. In fact, pretty much all Western leaders have only succeeded in increasing national debt, unemployment, and surveillance. In the meantime Gaddafi, instead of wasting billions on his own entertainment, like his western counterparts, was investing those billions [among other things] in his water project, which delivers crystal clear water to 70% of the Libyan population. Oh, sorry, delivered - before NATO bombed the hell out of it. Because that's what NATO does - bomb civilian targets, houses, infrastructure, sources of water and food, farm land, and just about anything that has no military value but the population needs it to survive. You can read all about NATO's destruction of the water project and other targets here.

For more info about Gaddafi's achievements, and Libya in the past few decades, listen to this 40 minute interview with Susan Lindauer. She has been to Libya many times, dealing directly with Gaddafi as an official representative of the US, and knows more about this situation than most people. There are many things she touches upon in this interview, from the state in which Libya was when Gaddafi came to power, through his efforts and dedication, to the last months stained by what amounts to NATO terrorism. Highly recommended.

There are many bad things that have been said about Gaddafi. So far I couldn't confirm any of them being true. There was the propaganda about him killing his own peple with airstrikes. Russian satellites have proven that such airstrikes never happened. There are accusations regarding the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland, murder of Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher, and the 'victims of IRA terrorism' through the use of Libyan Semtex. You can read [among other things] what truth there is to these accusations in this article by Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley. The article also raises the question whether the man murdered in Libya was Gaddafi at all. Here again I'm having a deja-vu, this time back to the fake Osama killing. Conflicting stories, lack of clear evidence, etc. However, while in Osama's case I have no doubts that the whole event was made up, here I just don't know. Maybe it was him, maybe not. It changes little about the overall picture.

While there is little evidence of Gaddafi being an evil dictator, let's not forget that even if he was, almost everything NATO did here was illegal and nobody will ever be punished for it. Invasion based on lies [mega deja-vu], slaughter of civilians [which in NATO's case provably happened], bombing of civilian targets, murder without trial, all of it is criminal. Watch the testimony of Lizzie Phelan, who was in Libya twice during the past several months as a reporter. Here she gives her account of the events, of the lies and deception, and the destruction and killings not by Gaddafi, but by the imperial Zionist army. Of course, all of this criminality is just routine for NATO. All of it twisted beyond recognition by media talking heads and the Obamination in the White House. And I won't even comment on the behaviour of one disgusting whore called Hitlery— sorry, Hillary Clinton. Pardon my language but I have no good words to lose on this sick psychopathic c*nt. If you have a fetish for psychopathy, you can watch this 12 second video, though I won't recommend it.

Speaking of that, there's the issue of celebrating murder. Remember the Osama [non]event. People in the streets screaming happily about how this guy Osama was murdered without trial. Now the same with Gaddafi. Are we really that happy that we have killed tens of thousands of people, bombed a country to the stone age, and torture-murdered a guy who did for his country what few ever have? I really don't understand people screaming "Yes! We finally killed the bastard!" Even if he actually was an evil dictator. Because even if he was, this would just make us as bad as him. As it stands now, however, we just happen to be the only ones bad. But we won, right? Yeah, we get the first prize for killing. Celebrate away...

One last question that remains to be answered is: Why did they really want him dead so badly? As I've mentioned, he was one of the last few who wouldn't allow a Rothschild controlled central bank in his country. On top of that he did and said lots of other things that would inevitably tick off the Rothschilds.

One of his best ideas, in my opinion, was the plan to establish a debt-free, gold-backed African currency. Those of you who understand what that means in terms of global economy will immediately realize that this alone would make the international banksters want to eliminate him. They will only accept total global financial domination under their control. With an African gold-backed currency, not only would the African countries be free of IMF slavery, but also trading in such a currency, which would obviously be successful if implemented, would mean a hit for trade in dollars. The dollar, as you know, is more and more difficult to resuscitate, since by any logical definition it has no value whatsoever. Its value is only fictional and as such must be supported by fairytales sold to people worldwide every day. It only has this fictional value because the banksters keep telling people that it does and people are dumb enough to believe it. Such belief would be threatened by any significant rise of another currency. The Zionist banksters would lose much of their financial control, especially in Africa and the Middle East, where countries would greatly benefit by switching from the dollar to this new currency wherever possible.

Again, those of you with any memory will know that Saddam wanted to trade his oil in Euros instead of dollars. History repeats itself so quickly that it's mind boggling that most people still fail to notice it. Speaking of parallels with Iraq, just as Libya was the most developed country in Africa, Iraq was the most developed of the Arab countries in the Middle East - before the Zionist army stepped in and bombed both of them into oblivion. They prefer the Arab countries to be poor and having nothing. It's kinda easier to control them that way. And yet another parallel, a pretty notorious one: just by a total coincidence Libya has large oil reserves. By now you should really be starting to see that the reasons for invading coutries are always the same, just never the ones you're told.

Same as other unpopular guys - let's mention Ahmadinejad or Chavez again - Gaddafi has this bad habit of speaking the truth, which is especially bad if it's about things like the JFK assassination, 9/11, American presidents, or Israel. While I'm sure you have heard lots of nonsense about Gaddafi, you probably haven't heard himself speak much [for obvious reasons], which is a pity. When it comes to these satanized leaders like Saddam, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi etc., it is quite sobering to see and hear them speak for themselves. Usually the media whores [also known as presstitutes] will just tell you "he said this and that," where these so called quotes are mistranslated, taken out of context, and heavily edited [or, let's face it, just made up]. If you actually saw and heard what the guy in question has really said, you might notice that something doesn't add up here. So watch for example this speech by Gaddafi, where he speaks about Obama, JFK, and Israel. He leaves no doubts about the direct connection between JFK's demand to monitor the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel and his assassination. He says many things that are clearly true but must not be spoken aloud in the West. Any man who speaks the truth like that is a clear threat to demoncracy and must be murdered.

Interestingly, he also makes it clear that politicians make false promises and lie just to get elected. That may sound trivial and obvious, but try to imagine Obama, Cameron, or Sarkozy admitting that openly in front of thousands of people. That couldn't happen. They'd fear that nobody would vote for them next time, and for a good reason. They do everything they can so that people DON'T notice they lie all the time. Someone like Gaddafi can say that openly, because he doesn't get votes based on false promises. He gets votes because he's proven that he can deliver. Unlike the Obamination that has broken every promise it has ever made.

So where are we now? Another country raped, another great man murdered, another US military presence that won't disappear too quickly, more people dead or made homeless, more stolen oil, and another day when most people on the planet don't care about any of this. The Zionist crosshair shifting towards Syria, slowly encircling Iran. Just as planned.

As closing words, I give you a message from Muammar Gaddafi himself.
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