Apocalypse with a Chance of Zombies

This is probably the last time I write something here. I was originally planning to do a lot more, but there wasn't time. And as it looks now, there won't be. There are a lot of things that won't be anymore. There will also be things that have never been before! How exciting and mysterious.

Due to lack of time, I won't provide links to back up all claims, which I'd normally do. But honestly, if you want confirmation, you can look it up, and if you're too lazy or dumb to do that, then you're kind of screwed anyway with that approach.

I find it pretty cool to have been born at a time when the apocalypse (or whatever you wanna call it) happens. That it's happening has been obvious for a while. The signs are everywhere. In fact, even as a kid I was vaguely seeing it. Even then it was obvious to me that this society can't keep doing what it's doing and survive. At this point it's pretty surprising that we've made it this far.


What I didn't really expect until recently (last few years) is that there would be the zombie element. I mean, seriously, zombies are a fantasy, right?

Well, maybe not. Maybe they're just a little different from what we expected.

There's less blood and rotting flesh, but other than that, not much difference.

Interestingly, though, that's not where the zombie element ends. Or starts either. I guess it started with TV — I almost forgot about this because I haven't had TV for some 17 years now. But we also live in a world of zombie economy, revolving around zombie banks, run by zombie bankers.

As you probably know by now, the entire economy is build on fraud, and the money isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Especially the dollar. We also have zombie science, like 'global warming'. And we have zombie medicine, like vaccinations. In many countries, mainly the US, we have zombie education. Today's kids are literally zombies compared to 80 years ago. And if that wasn't enough, we have Monsanto.

So if this isn't a zombie apocalypse already, then I don't know what it is. But that's just the beginning. So what's next?


Well, it looks like the US toilet paper has finally expired and the Federal Reserve Gang will have to flush it. Along with a few other things. The signs are multitudinous and piling up fast. Quantitative Easing, also known as "adding zeroes to the national debt", is supposed to be ending by the end of the year. Since it was the thing delaying the apocalypse, when it ends, things will get bad. If, however, the US government decides to outpsychopath itself and continue adding zeroes, then... yeah, things will get bad anyway. You can't dilute wine with water forever and expect that people will still believe it's wine.

But that's just one out of many elements. Of course under the surface everything is worse than it looks. Take this unemployment issue in the US. The government would have you believe that it's something like 6% and getting better. But the way they get this number is that they don't count people who are long-term without a job. Those get removed from the system of "people looking for work". The US government is very smart when it comes to deception. Almost like it learned from the MOSSAD. Which, for all we know, is probably true. So what's the actual status? The last time I checked, 20% of American families didn't have a single member employed, and there were about 100 million unemployed in total, which is one third of the country. And this is in essence how the government does everything. So imagine the chaos that's boiling under the surface.


Now, let's talk about Ukraine because this is relevant and important. In case you have little idea of what's going on because you haven't been paying attention, or have a completely fucked up and wrong idea of what's going on because you've been watching mainstream western TV, let me recapitulate.

The legitimate, democratically elected government of Ukraine was overthrown in a violent coup by opposition mainly consisting of Neo-Nazis and funded and morally supported by the US. This is called democracy (in the US). These Nazi punks then went randomly killing people in eastern Ukraine and burned alive over 40 people in Odessa. This was either ignored or misrepresented in the West. So the people in the South-East naturally said that they don't wanna live in one country with these psychopaths, and they want autonomy. This is called terrorism (in the US). Before all this massacre, though, Crimea voted on joining Russia instead of staying in this sinking ship, and with 97% majority voted for it. (Nobody died during this.) Mr. Putin said 'OK'. He is therefore now the new Hitler and Satan combined because he "invaded a country on a false pretext and aggressively annexed it" (according to the US). Aside from the massive cognitive dissonance here, if this by any chance reminds you of a country called Iraq, please go back to your corner because you're making Mister Obama very upset. He said you can't compare the terror that happened in Crimea with his bringing of peace to Iraq. (I know this is hard to follow, but the US government would never lie.)

So of course the supreme leader of mankind Barack Hussein the Second imposed sanctions on Mister Putin's friends. We'll get back to this in a bit. Now, the eastern regions of Ukraine held a referendum and voted for independence from Ukraine. The US called this referendum illegitimate (as predicted by everyone and their grandma). Then the illegal temporary Nazi junta held elections for presidency and elected this psychopath called Poroshenko while the army was shelling the east of Ukraine on election day, so a lot of people in those regions couldn't vote. The US called this election legitimate (as also predicted by everyone and their grandma). In the end this matters little, though. Poroshenko is clearly a psychopath, but the alternative was a batshit insane bitch called Tymoshenko, so the Ukies got the lesser of two evils. If this reminds you of American elections, please keep it to yourself.

Current situation is that Ukraine is broke and in debt, owes lots of billions to Russia for gas, signed a deal with the devil called IMF, and the army keeps shelling eastern cities whose inhabitants are called "pro-Russian radicals" and "terrorists" (by the US). The army is not even winning because the Kiev leadership is completely incompetent and half the soldiers aren't exactly interested in shooting their own citizens anyway (many are deserting). The US-sponsored Kiev Poroshenkopathy is randomly shooting at people, trying to lure Russia to intervene so that Obama can start shouting "OMG look at the Hitler he's invading a sovereign country I would never do that!". (Explaining all the implications of what would happen then would be too long, but you can look it up.) The Obamination and Kerry have apparently been competing with one another to make the most retarded statement of the century. The levels of hypocrisy are pretty epic. I don't think anybody's still trying to make sense of what they're saying. Unlike these clowns, Putin is not an idiot, so he's not falling into their trap. He's waiting, and time is on his side, and since the clowns are completely deranged and only digging their own grave, it's very interesting to watch this unfold. I'm just sorry for the Ukrainians because they're screwed no matter what.


Now let us get back to those sanctions. They were a weak gesture that didn't achieve anything other than show Obama's impotence (as if anybody doubted it). What's more funny, they lead to actions that are turning against the US completely. Faced with sanctions, Russia turned to doing more business with less insane countries, like China and Iran, and since the global Empire insists of being unbearably idiotic, these countries said, "Screw the dollar. Let's trade in real money." The 30-year gas deal between Russia and China is huge to say the least, and the one between Russia and Iran is significant too. China has been getting away from the dollar for a while, and other countries are slowly showing more interest in the same. This means the decline of the dollar as the reserve currency, thus its loss of value. Asian countries are dumping the dollar, and China is hoarding gold. Good job, Obama. You will not be forgotten. Being a worse president than Bush is quite an achievement.

So as you can see, the dollar is pretty shaken already, and at some point in the near future, this will accelerate rapidly. Having no real value already, and the fake value being dependent on the confidence of people in it, the mighty dollar is now a zombie.


Before we depart from Russia, though, let's look at something positive. We all know the US is the global bully that brings democracy in the form of Depleted Uranium, bombed weddings, and puppet dictators wherever it likes. Until recently they were getting away with it very easily. Of course the world's been getting increasingly sick of it, but most countries are too weak to dare complain. But Russia isn't. Certainly not under Putin. And he had had enough. So in Syria, he said 'No'. He didn't let the US fuck up that country, overthrow the government, install a pro-US dictator, and establish more military bases, like in Iraq, etc. Sadly, Putin failed to be strict enough on Libya, so now all the great achievements of Muammar Gaddafi are all but gone, and the ruined country is a breeding ground for terrorists, courtesy of the Great American Empire. This, however, taught Putin that there's no negotiating with these psychopaths. No talks. No deals. The US government has zero integrity. It only understands military power. But it can also be outsmarted, and that's Putin's opening.

Putin has shown that the time for the US Empire is over. We've all had enough of that shit. Since WWII, the US has tried to overthrow governments in over 50 countries and succeeded in about 30 of them. The US is friends with 42 of the 44 world's dictators. Put that together with all the talk about democracy. Let's just call things what they are — what the US has been doing is simply world terrorism. And now, finally, somebody has stood up to it. And so far, he's getting away with it, and Obama's gang is showing pathetic inability to do anything meaningful about it, so we only see ridiculous gestures, empty words, vain threats, and thinly veiled panic. For now, Putin is openly standing on his own, but this, in my opinion, is one of the greatest historical moments of our time. The tipping point. Russia's stance is a gesture that sends a message to others. And they see and hear. The US thinks it can pitch Russia and China against one another in a last divide-and-conquer manoeuvre and consume Asia. But that won't happen. China's had enough of the US calling the shots. And the US has been getting tired and stupid. Many things can happen, and nothing is certain, but there will be big changes.

Europe's role is also interesting. The Eurozone has always been America's puppet. But the US policy in Ukraine is such that if they have their way, Europe will suffer possibly even more than Russia. The European leaders are mostly corrupt as hell, but they're not completely stupid. Even the sanctions didn't seem that appealing for France or Germany, as they refused to stop some big deals with Russia that were already in play. So Europe is sticking to its NATO ties, but often to its own detriment. While the US is desperately trying to strengthen NATO, the alliance is getting rusty on the inside. (And so are many other things.)

It is said that the masters who run the show are very smart and everything that happens is according to their plans. While this is true to some extent, I've been becoming more and more convinced that the shortsightedness of psychopathy cannot be underestimated. I'm sure that the people at the very top have plans for themselves for every eventuality. But most of the visible leadership really seems just delusional and stupid. A parasite consuming its host, not realizing it can't live without it. And they seem desperate because they're scared. And they're running out of dollar power.

And so, ultimately, as the dollar collapses, so will the Empire, like all empires do. The question is if it will take all of us with it. It will certainly not just implode on its own, leaving the rest of the world unaffected. Let's not forget that most business on the planet still goes on in dollars, and changing that is a slow process, while the collapse of the dollar can be pretty fast. Enter chaos.

So that's one part of the future. The collapse of the dollar, probably many other currencies and possibly the whole monetary system because it's all mostly built on fraud, and then basically the collapse of society in many other ways. Hyperinflation, more unemployment, poverty, starvation... the whole package. So what else?


There's much more. Trust me. You may have noticed the ever-increasing amount of fireballs in the sky. Comets and asteroids have been passing us and some hitting, and the main cluster is still coming (according to some researchers, at least). This is something that repeats itself every 3600 years or so and usually causes massive damage. Now, there isn't exactly a great amount of solid data on this, but putting together some research and observations, I can't help but acknowledge that there is something going on.

What's even more interesting is that this may very well bring plague or something similar. And a lot of research has showed that the Black Death in the 14th century probably wasn't caused by anything carried by rats, because it doesn't add up. According to some researchers, it was more likely an Ebola-like virus, and it is suggested and to a large extent documented that such outbreaks often coincide with, and are probably a result of, comet impacts. Now, mainstream science of course denies all of that as well as many other things it doesn't like, because mainstream science is smart as fuck and has only ever been proven wrong about a million times or so. In fact, today's zombie science is not very different from religion. Global warmists are a clear example of religious fanatics who take a conclusion they want to believe in, and then look for science that would prove it. But let's look at the facts. The fires in the sky have been increasing, scientists on several occasions actually admitted that these impacts are far more frequent than previously thought and may give us zero warning time, and viruses like Ebola and MERS-CoV have been spreading around. We can of course be crazy coincidence theorists and ignore any and all possible connections and clues.


The earth has been opening up, rotting, burning, and doing other fun things. Floods happen every year, but they keep breaking records. Similar with fires. Landslides are definitely more frequent than they used to be, and some of them pretty massive. Watch some youtube videos that document that. It's entertaining (until it visits your town, I guess). My favourite, though, are sinkholes. Sinkholes are fun. One minute everything is fine, and the next thing you know, there's a huge hole in the ground. They have now been appearing all over the world at the rate of several per day. All this should tell you that there's more happening than meets the eye. And as with all the other things, this is just the beginning.

Aside from other implications, some of these things, like fires and floods, are destroying crops en masse, causing scarcity and thus rise in prices of food. This is becoming a bigger issue every year. Add to that Monsanto, the destroyer of worlds, whose experiments with zombie seeds have not been very successful lately, because contrary to what its most brilliant minds (basically a bunch of idiots) think, Mother Nature is smarter than them. As much as they've been failing at ordering Mother Nature what to do, they're still managing to contaminate our food supply with all kinds of morbidity. When I die, I'm gonna go check the karmic records of Monsanto's CEOs. I wanna know if they'll be reborn as bugs who have to feed on roundup-ready crops.


My by far favourite scenario to speculate about, though possibly the scariest, is a well-directed CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that knocks off power over a large part of the planet, burns off those huge central transformers, and thus kills the electrical grid for years to come. Sounds like fantasy, huh? Well, it's not.

Not only has it happened before; according to scientists, it actually happens every 100 years or so. And guess what — the last big one was in 1859. So we're a bit overdue. The reason why you've probably never heard of it is because in 1859, knocking off electricity wasn't a big deal. But today, well, you can imagine.

How bad can it be? In bad case, it can cover a whole continent. If it fries those big transformers, and it probably will, the whole area is toast. If that happens, or rather when, because this is really just a matter of time, not only you lose electricity over a large area, but also 90% of the ability to fix it. From what I hear, the whole US has one or two of these transformers as back up. They're very expensive. And they take up to two years to build. And if the factory that makes them was also in the impact zone? Then be prepared for years without electricity.

So how well are we prepared for this? About as well as the US government is prepared for anything that doesn't involve shooting people. In other words, not at all. Not only is there no solution or back up plan, but also no effort to prevent this or minimize the impact. The grid is running at near maximum capacity, so it doesn't take much to bring it down. Scientists like Michio Kaku have warned about this and urged the government to take measures — improve the grid. But since there's no immediate profit to be made and you can't watch anybody blow up in the process, the government isn't interested. Some countries might be a little better prepared than others, but in general, since this has not happened during our "I don't even know how to go to the bathroom without electricity" era, we're pretty much gambling on luck because we're that retarded. Now, what do you think happens to a nuclear power plant during such an event?


So where does this leave us? Somebody recently quoted to me, "I am presently experiencing life at a rate of several wtf's per hour." I think that might very well become the norm for a lot of people very soon. We're a really stupid species guided by blind psychopaths to a cliff and being told to go faster. Is there still time to start using the brain? I don't know. But you reap what you sow.

Time is running out, and you have a last chance to do something. It's really pretty damn late, and you should have been paying attention if you haven't, but you can still save yourself from the worst. Educate yourself. Don't keep your money in the bank or you'll lose it. Don't keep dollars. (Get gold.) Think about how long you could last if you suddenly lost access to food, to water, to electricity. This may not be an urgent issue, but all of it can happen. And guess how much your government will help you. If you have money, buy land where you can grow food. And learn to network and cooperate with those who live around you. You're gonna need it.

VotN, 2014-06-03
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