Fighting the Global Elite - What You Can Do

The "Global Elite" is in control of [almost?] all governments, all big banks, all big corporations and all big media [at least in the west]. To them you are a consumer unit with no other value than supporting their filthy rich, depraved lifestyle. Which is exactly what most people out there are doing, blissfully unaware of it.

As things are continuously going from bad to worse, all is not lost yet, as people around the world are noticing something is seriously wrong, learning to do their research, and starting to get the idea what exactly it is that's wrong. Somewhere along the line they get to a point where they think: "Ok, I understand what's going on, but what can I do?" The answers are all out in the open, but it takes time to sort them out. Which is why guidelines provided by those who do spend the time and energy doing vast amounts of research can be very helpful. As I have mentioned elsewhere, unless you have a very good grasp of the situation and know exactly what you're doing, don't bother waking people up. They're mostly all too happy being asleep, with no sense of responsibility and no desire to do any kind of work or even thinking. You'd be wasting time and we're running out of it. Give them hints, but if they don't seem really interested, leave them alone. There's plenty of other, more productive stuff to do. So, back to the question...


You can make sure that you're not unconsciously contributing to making things worse for yourself and the society in general.
To sum up your desired strategy in 3 points:


You can't fight the "Powers That Be" [PTB] with force or money, because they own all of it. So what is their weakness? It is that they have NO creativity, and can't do any kind of work on their own. They're basically lazy, arrogant, useless parasites. They don't build anything or help anyone, they only know how to pervert and destroy things. It is you and me who do all the creative and hard work. Why do THEY rule then? Because you let them and support their system. Why? Because you're uninformed about the real state of things. And just in case you'd start understanding it and doing something about it, there's this immense effort not only to keep you distracted with all kinds of things, but also to ruin your health. Without good health you can't fight the system efficiently because 1. you don't have the energy [or in case of mental health even capability] and 2. you have to spend time and money keeping your health from deteriorating more.

To understand how everybody is supporting the system, mostly unknowingly, think about what the system wants/needs from you: It wants you to be ignorant and uninformed, distracted from anything important, always in need of something you cannot afford, dependent on the system, sick, weak, and unable to think clearly.

So in order to fight the system, you have to start by avoiding all those things and freeing yourself from the grip the system has on you.


Since the people in power are by nature parasites and they only manage to rule by form of deception and secrecy, their most essential strategy is to keep you as much in the dark about anything of substance as possible. Your ignorance is their best weapon, your knowledge is your best weapon. If you don't know and understand what situation you're in and why you're in it, then there is nothing you can do about it. In order to understand your situation you need information. That comes from various sources and you need to understand what those sources are and how they operate. Most of these sources are owned by the PTB, so you can guess how truthful they are.

Stop listening to their media. Stop watching TV completely.

They own all big media. They present their version of reality that they want you to see and believe. It's all bullshit though. From omissions, taking things out of context, focusing on selected issues while ignoring others, through misinformation, "shocking" entertainment, fearmongering, to downright lies, fabricated bullshit, and utter nonsense, you get it all every day from the TV. Add the mind numbing, brain destroying advertising, subliminals, hypnotic effect etc, and you have a recipe for disaster. TV steals your time, distracts you with irrelevant entertainment, tells you lies every day, and damages your brain. They WANT you to watch their TV. It makes you compliant with their agendas.
As for the [dis]information content, newspapers are the same. You can only get real information on the internet, which has both lies and the truth to offer, so getting "real" information only depends on your ability to sort it out. It takes time and effort to find the truth, but it CAN be done.
As for the people who say "Well I only watch some things on TV, and I don't get brainwashed or influenced," you have NO IDEA what you're talking about. That's the great delusion of most people who watch TV. They think "Yeah, TV is kind of bad I guess, but it's not doing anything to me." Wrong. You really have no idea. Only when you stop watching it for a few months, you will start seeing the difference. People under hypnosis naturally don't know they're under hypnosis.

Read more about lies and propaganda in the media here.

The key that makes ALL the difference in your life is knowledge. And there are no shortcuts to knowledge, you simply have to work hard to get it. There are clues all around pointing you in the right directions, but nothing that would just pour the knowledge into your head. You have to read a lot. To make it a bit easier and more comfortable, there are many documentary movies and audio interviews around that may save you a lot of reading. Still, it requires plenty of time, and if you really want to know anything, you have to read a lot. If you can't do that, honestly, you're screwed.


Money is power, so the PTB want to have all the money and they don't want YOU to have any. It's not that they need more money than they have, I mean they create it out of thin air, they just need to make sure that the money that already exists keeps accumulating on their end and not yours. Therefore they want you to make as little money as possible, and, perhaps more importantly, to waste whatever you make on things that don't give you any power over them. So they make sure there's always plenty of stuff you can waste money on, they convince you that you really need those things, and then you go and buy them. They need to advertise useless crap to make sure you don't spend money on anything useful. Like you could equip your house with alternate sources of energy to be less dependent on the system and save money for other things, but they convince you that you need this awesome new car, which THEY sell you, and for which you need to buy gas from THEM. So instead of more independence, you get more dependence. They never advertise alternate sources of energy. If they ever mention them, they tell you they're inefficient and you really need to buy a lot of gas.
As for useless stuff, think about all the clothes people buy every year not because they need it but because it "looks good" [who implanted the idea that it looks good in your head?], or because it's "in" [who decides what's in?], or the endless flow of movies + movie music + movie related toys, clothes & school accessories for your kids, games made out of a movie and vice versa [simply to waste more of your money on an already popular idea], and all the other trash advertised on TV, billboards & other stupid places. Speaking of billboards, think about it... billions of dollars in this but it's not creating anything useful for this society, the only purpose of it is to make you waste [which is a bit different than "spend"] your money. Does this look like a sane society to you? It's pathetic. And that's just one out of many examples.
So stop wasting money on shit you don't need. And especially don't buy products made by corporations that participate in this economic terrorism and insanity. How you spend your money is either helping or not helping the globalists. If you buy anything from Monsanto, McDonald's, Coca Cola, Pepsi and many others, YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE SYSTEM.

Stop putting money in their banks.

The more of your money they have in their banks, the more they can use to make even more money, which puts more money into the system, creates inflation and thus devaluates your money. In other words they are using your money to make their money, without any work. Also when you have all your money in a bank and buy stuff with credit cards, they always know how much you have, where it is, and what you're doing with it. Also, should you become an inconvenient individual, they can make it all disappear [trust me, it happens]. Doesn't mean you have to cancel all your accounts, just keep as little in the bank as possible, keep your money in a place that you control and do most transactions with cash. The idea that your money is not safe at home is created by them, to convince you to put it in their banks. Think maybe they instigate some of these home robberies and put them on the news to create fear of not having money "safely" in the bank? Problem - Reaction - Solution.
If you can put your money in a small local bank, where you know the people who own it, and they have nothing to do with the globalists and know what's going on, then that's a completely different thing. But generally, banks are THEIR tool against you.

Stop participating in anything that serves the globalists or anything you don't agree with.

Yes, you can't even begin to imagine how unpopular you'll be, but you can either be a popular idiot, or a real human being. Stop doing things just because everybody else does them, stop getting things just because everybody else has them. Turn off your cellphone, or better, throw it away. It only allows people to bother you any time of the day, distracts you and ruins your health. If you think you need a cellphone, the brainwashing is working. We lived without them for thousands of years and it worked fine.
Don't use a car for short distance drives, go on foot. All the machines and devices you use every day, they want you to use them. They collect all the money you pay for these things and with all these toys they dictate the direction of your life and your lifestyle. A consuming and disempowering lifestyle. It was them who convinced you that you need all these things. But you don't. You can arrange your life differently, in a way that's beneficial for you, not them. Everybody these days wants to study at a good school, go to a big city, get a well paid job and make a lot of money. That's a pretty stupid strategy, because it's not your strategy, it's the globalists' strategy. They want you in big cities where you are totally dependent on their system. And guess what? The people I know who did study at a university and go to a city to get a good job, they are frustrated with their job just the same or more than people who live in a small town; they spend hours a day getting to and from their job while in a small town it may take 10-15 minutes; they basically work 24/7 because when they're not at work, they still work, at least in their heads, and they always have to be reachable by cellphone, which the companies they work for use a lot to drag them back to work on Sundays and even vacations; they're not making all that much money anyway, because they spend it on commuting, big city lifestyle that's generally more expensive, and of course buying a lot of shit they don't need, so I save more money than most of them, even with my minimum wage job; and they're about 10 times more stressed than me and instead of enjoying life and doing somethnig creative, they're just always running after more work to make more money to buy more things they don't need... happiness nowhere in sight. They're not living their own dream, they're living the globalists' dream.
All of this stuff everyone is after these days is serving the globalists by making you more dependent on them, their system, their products, their services. The simple path to happiness is in self-sufficiency. Live in your own place, work nearby, grow your own food, exchange stuff with local people instead of the supermarket madness, and live a life. The globalists are systematically destroying all of this, effectively enslaving people, and most people are totally buying into it, not seeing any of what's really happening. Anyone who starts seeing behind the veil should rethink their lifestyle and strategy.

"I believe that Gandhi's views were the most enlightened of all the political men in our time. We should strive to do things in his spirit: not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in anything you believe is evil." - Albert Einstein

Get rid of any trust in authority you may have.

The Milgram experiments have shown clearly enough where obedience to authority can lead. Considering that most people in positions of authority today are psychopaths, this matter is even more pressing. Know and understand your moral principles and live your life by them, instead of doing what somebody "higher up" tells you. Don't inherently trust doctors, they are mostly owned by Big Pharma. Don't trust scientists, the ones you hear about from mainstream sources work for the globalist pigs. Do your own research to know what's really true. Don't follow anybody's orders if you don't agree with them!
On that note, it may be extremely difficult to find a job where you don't work for any corporation and actually do something useful and fullfilling, especially in today's [well prepared and intentional] economic crisis. While it's always better to not work for "them," you may not have much of a choice these days, as there are hardly any meaningful jobs left. That's fine. Where you DO have a choice, though, is in HOW you do your job. Follow your own moral compass, not every order you get. You have a brain, use it. If the orders given to you are clearly wrong or morally questionable, refuse to obey and stand your ground. If you just follow orders because you're afraid not to, there's no point in you being a human. You may lose your job if you disobey, but if you obey any idiotic command, you will "lose your soul," so to speak. There's a word for living like that, it's called slavery.
If your mind is working well, noncompliance and disobedience is actually not as difficult as it may seem. When the orders are "wrong," they're usually wrong by any common standards, ie everyone knows they're wrong. It's not that 'they' do everything right and punish your disobedience because it's wrong. They can only punish you because you're either dumb enough to let them, or because they use dirty tricks like threats and blackmail to manipulate you into submission. That, however, only works if they're smarter than you. They know many standard tricks, but you can learn those too and counteract them. Beyond that, they're not all that smart, it's just dirty tricks and the illusory "power" of authority. But above all that, THEY ARE WRONG. That's an unchangeable fact and your advantage. They can not justify their morally corrupt position before a third, independent party, unless they're significantly smarter than you and use twisted logic and misrepresent the facts. So if you're not afraid of authority and your brain is working, you'll find that the system is actually not as undefeatable as it may appear. I've been able to keep my job for six years despite disobeying about half of what I get told to do, while many other people have been fired because they were pressured into signing somethnig they should never have signed, just because they were too afraid of whatever they were told would happen if they didn't sign. The psychopaths don't have as much power as they make you think they have.

"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth." -- Albert Einstein

Perhaps the worst thing of all is the intentional and collateral destruction of your health. Industrial pollution may be a byproduct of psychopatic business practices, like "we want to make a lot of money and we don't give a shit who gets poisoned in the process." Radiation all over the planet from thousands of nuclear tests may be a result of stupidity of people who like to play with dangerous stuff they don't really understand. The well known poisons in your food and water, however, are intentional. It is no coincidence that some of the most common poisons in your food, like Aspartame and MSG, are neurotoxins, which damage your brain and over time slowly destroy your ability to think. It is simply an ingenious way of making you stupid and therefore more dependent on the government and unable to resist the oppression, because you don't really understand any of it. Apart from the really heavy toxins, there is plenty of stuff in your food that just makes you fat, slow, lazy, lethargic, and susceptible to cancer and other usual stuff.
If you want to have any chance of surviving this Orwellian nightmare, you have to research everything you eat, eliminate all the stuff that's making you dumb and sick, and detoxify your body from as much poison as you can. At any cost avoid Aspartame, MSG and fluoride. Aspartame is a sweetener found almost in anything "sugar free" or "diet," sold under many different names like NutraSweet, so you have to do some research on all those names to be able to identify it. MSG is in almost all processed food and also hides under even more names than Aspartame, including really tricky stuff like "natural flavors." Fluoride is in tap water in the US, often in salt, and of course in toothpastes. Another element of interest is mercury, which you won't find in the ingredients, but is known to often appear in some foods like seafish. Also likely to be found in your tooth fillings.
Do your research on other foods that are best avoided, like soy, sugar, vegetable oils, milk, gluten, etc. Learn what you can about vitamins, minerals, omega 3 vs omega 6, antioxidants, anything that helps detoxification, and foods rich in all the good things, like various seaweed for example.
Another thing worth mentioning regarding your health is electromagnetic radiation, most commonly microwaves from cellphones, cellphone towers and wireless networks and devices. Find out for yourself what this stuff is doing to your cells, DNA and mind.

Once you get rid of all the poison, find good and reliable sources of information, stay away from TV and stop wasting time, money and energy on things you don't really need... everything will become much clearer and you'll be able to find ways to withdraw your support for the system that's killing you.

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