Mission Objective Disclaimer

If you want to have an idea of what this website is about or if you have any problem with its content, or some questions, this is the thing to read.

The main mission objective is to raise awareness, improve understanding of the world we live in, and to provide information that would help in your "dezombification."

My goal is not to argue about anything, but rather bring certain issues to your attention. What you do with those issues is up to you. If you disagree or don't care, that's fine. I don't care about convincing anybody about anything. If you're interested in what I'm saying, listen, if you're not, don't. Simple.

It is not my intention to hand out detailed information on a silver plate. From my experience, if you want to understand anything in this world, if you want to have some real knowledge, you have to actively seek it out. Most people receive "information" by just passively listening, mostly to the MSM, and deciding what they're going to believe mostly based on emotional factors. Such an approach does not lead to any knowledge. It leads to indoctrination and involves extremely high susceptibility to believing lies and disinformation. Therefore I mostly aim to give you clues, possibly links to other articles, videos or audio interviews, and let you do your own research.

That, in my opinion, is the only way you can really gain some knowledge on any specific issue. If you can't be bothered to do your own research and just want somebody to explain to you quickly what's going on and what the truth is, believe me, you have absolutely no chance to understand anything. In a sane and reasonable world it might be possible, but we're not living in such a world. Also, if you believe that you have some "good education" from school, you're living in la la land.

To give an example, let's take the notorious issue of 9/11, since everyone should be aware of that. I have no intentions to go and say "9/11 was an inside job and I'm gonna convince you of that!" I have no desire to force anyone into anything and besides, as far as I can tell, such a strategy is inefficient anyway. So instead it would be more like "Many believe 9/11 was an inside job and seem to make a lot of sense. If they're right then this has huge implications and the world you live in isn't really what you think it is. So it might be good to go and check the facts for yourself so that you can make an educated conclusion instead of just believing what somebody like Bush tells you." If your research happens to convince you that Bush was right, just as you thought, that's ok, but at least now you believe it because you checked some facts and not because "somebody told you." Of course everybody using the internet is aware of the 9/11 controversy and has had plenty of time to figure out what really happened, so even raising that issue would be of little value. The pontential benefit of listening to what I have to say is in the issues you might not be aware of. In such a case your looking into it might be of great value to you.

It may also happen that I'm sure that something I'm saying is true and present it that way. I may say "9/11 had nothing to do with Osama and 'islamic terrorists' but a lot to do with the MOSSAD and the CIA" and not expand on that. If you disagree with that, screaming something like "you're wrong! you're stupid!" is not doing anything helpful for yourself and I don't really care about you screaming anyway. When I say "MOSSAD did 9/11" it simply means my years of research had convinced me of that to a point where I don't feel the need to even explain that because the evidence is overwhelming. You may disagree with me, in which case I recommend you go and do some research to make sure that your belief can be backed up by facts. You may simply type my statement "MOSSAD did 9/11" into a search engine and find out why I might believe it to be the case. Then just follow the clues and check the facts. If you arrive at a different conclusion than me, fine. If you think I'm generally full of shit, don't read this website.

A few things about the form of my writing. I'm not trying to stick to anybody else's guidelines, so if I want to say something, I say it, disregarding who might find it outrageous, offending, rude or blasphemous. And I say it any way I want to. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. I don't see a reason to write "I believe President Obama is not telling the truth" when I can write "the impostor ineligible-to-be-a-president Barky is full of shit as usual" and be much closer to the actual state of things than with the former statement.

I admit that the word shit may not be a very nice word, but if I accept that I somehow shouldn't use it, I'm accepting a police state mentality where others determine what i can or cannot say. And "full of shit" really has a bit different feel and meaning than "not telling the truth." I mean there's a reason why we have many different words in the dictionary. To put it differently, I couldn't care less about "political corretness," this idiotic invention of psychopaths using their divide and conquer strategy.

I call a spade a spade... [No reaction there, huh?] and I call a jew a jew... [Anybody's blood pressure suddenly going up inexplicably? Brain analyzing what it could have meant? Didn't happen with the spade, did it? So what's your problem with jews? I just call them jews, that's all. Some people seem to have allergic reactions to the mere word.]

There are also some people who don't seem to like sarcasm. I do. And in the face of our mainstream media's perversion of what used to be reporting, and our politicians' pushing the limits of how many lies you can tell in one sentence, sarcasm often seems in place.

Another thing I want to address - some of you may be asking if I'm serious with all this or just joking. I can understand such a question, with all the zombies and stuff, and often joking around serious issues. The simple guideline is, while the form can often be entertaining, the information is serious. You may think when I call most people zombies, that I can't be serious, but I also provide my own definition of who I call a zombie and that is the context in which the word is used here. As such you should have no problem understanding what I'm saying.

To those of you who are new to the kind of information presented here it may seem weird that I'm joking about some serious issues. But believe me, after a few years of watching daily how the politicians, bankers, corporations and the media distort and pervert the hell out of reality, you can either start taking it with humour, or you can keep being dead serious about everything and become permanently angry or depressive, desperate and suicidal. They say "the truth will set you free... but first it will piss you off." Or freak you out. If that prospect is scaring you, that is understandable, but while the truth may piss you off and freak you out, the lie will make you stupid, sick, poor, and prematurely dead. So it's up to you.

On that note, if by any chance you start getting it and then go and furiously try to explain it to your friends, you will get even more depressed. Prepare to be laughed at and called crazy. And it's a bit too late to start waking zombies up from their zombie state. I am well enough acquainted with the situation on planet Earth, well aware of the possible dangers, and know what I'm doing, so even if there's extremely small chance to open anybody's eyes, I can afford to go ahead and try. At this point it doesn't cost me much effort. I've had periods when I spent 6-10 hours a day reading and doing research on numerous things for months at a time. I know my stuff, so I decided to share some of what I know, but I have no illusions of any great success. It's all up to the reader. But if at this point you don't know much about all this and start getting it at some point, take my advice, don't bother trying to wake others up, it has about a 0.01% success rate and you'll only grow more desperate. You have plenty of work to do on yourself, focus on that. And if you happen to really start understanding the big picture maybe in a few years, and this retarded society hasn't destroyed itself by then, then you'll know what to do and who to talk to and what to say. In the meantime, take it easy.

So this should give you some idea of what you can expect here and what you can't, explain why some things are the way they are around here, and take care of some of the complains you may have. I present whatever information I feel like presenting, you can either do some research on it or go away. Or you can just read it for amusement, up to you.

VotN, 2011
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