Updates June 2011

Along with the Bilderberg article, there are several updates in the Dezombification Centre.

One is dealing with who the people ruling our society are. You should have at least a suspicion that clowns and puppets like Obama, Du[m]bya or Sarkozy are not really in control. So the question is whose puppets are they? Who's in control and how is it all organized? That's what this article is about and as the Bilderbergers are a part of it, the news about the conference relate to that as well.

The next one is about Lies, Propaganda and Mind Control. That's a big topic because these things are all pervasive in our world. The article looks into who is lying to us, why, and how. It explains the purpose behind the massive, organized lying campaign, what these lies are supposed to cover up or achieve, and how it is done. Propaganda and mind control tie into it. This stuff should really be basic knowledge if you want to make any sense of our world.

The third one comes along with the release of Tearing of the Masks and expands on the ideas dealing with what one can do to stand against the ruling elite and their machinery of lies, manipulation and control.

Take your time reading through these and check all the links provided for more details.

VotN, 2011-06-10
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