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Muslimgaze - Zionist Juice

Released: February 22, 2011
Format: VBR MP3 / FLAC


01. Stooges for Yahweh [3:48]
02. Cast Lead and Depleted Uranium [6:52]
03. Genocide as a 'Defense' Mechanism [3:58]
04. By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War [4:12]
05. No Food & Medical Aid for Gaza [6:50]
06. IsraHell Devastation Forces [3:32]
07. Behind the Apartheid Wall [7:18]
08. Demolition of Palestinian Houses [3:26]
09. More Illegal Settlements in the West Bank [1:52]
10. White Phosphorus for the Children [5:06]
11. Mavi Marmara Massacre [5:40]
12. Thermonuclear Blackmail [5:18]

Total Time: 58:04

This album is dedicated to the people of Palestine, as well as other Middle-Eastern countries terrorized by the Zionist empire, to all who died trying to help and protect the Palestinians from Israeli destruction, like Rachel Corrie, and to those who are still fighting for freedom of the Palestinians and other victims of Zionism, like Ken O'Keefe and many others.

More about this project and its name here. or on the archive link.
More about Zionism, Israel and Palestine here.
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