HKN067 Narcotic Noise - 2021 - Rustling Recapitulation [March 2021]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN066 Narcotic Noise - 2020 - Transitory Tranquillity [December 2020]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN065 Invisible Slavery - Collective Suicide in Progress [August 2020]
[Death Industrial]

HKN064 Radiation Poisoning - No Method in the Madness [March 2020]
[Rhythmic Noise]

HKN063 Soporific Sorcery - Incongruous Inhabitant [July 2018]
[Torture Chamber Music]

HKN062 Narcotic Noise - Nankutrem Kvergi Eskagonia [April 2018]
[Atmospheric Dark Ambient]

HKN061 Tomb of Insomnia - Survival Rate Zero [November 2017]
[Atmospheric Rhythmic Noise]

HKN060 Soporific Sorcery - Uncanny Underworld [June 2017]
[Torture Chamber Music]

HKN059 Soporific Sorcery - Otherworldly Orchestra [June 2017]
[Torture Chamber Music]

HKN058 Haunted Personality Disorder [December 2016]
[Compilation - Rhythmic Noise, Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Death Industrial, etc.]

HKN057 Invisible Slavery - In a Time of Universal Deceit [November 2016]
[Death Industrial / Noise]

HKN056 Narcotic Noise & Radiation Poisoning - Disastereo [August 2016]
[Spatial Rhythmic Ambient]

HKN055 Kimi No Sei - Yamete [December 2015]
[Rhythmic Noise]

HKN054 Narcotic Noise & Radiation Poisoning - Necrosystem [June 2015]
[Atmospheric Rhythmic Noise]

HKN053 Narcotic Noise - Abandoned Cells [January 2015]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN052 Invisible Slavery - Standard Operating Procedure [January 2015]
[Death Industrial / Noise]

HKN051 Narcotic Noise - Metaphorical Morphine [December 2014]
[Industrial Ambient]

HKN050 Noisethirst [December 2014]
[Compilation - Rhythmic Noise, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Power Electronics, etc.]

HKN049 Invisible Slavery - Empire of Lies [July 2014]
[Death Industrial / Noise]

HKN048 Grotesque [June 2014]
[Dark Ambient-Industrial-Black Metal Compilation]

HKN047 Narcotic Noise - Forsaken Landscape [June 2014]
[Dark Ambient / Drone]

HKN046 Jamia [May 2014]
[Post-Industrial Compilation]

HKN045 Narcotic Noise & Radiation Poisoning - Noisomnia [April 2014]
[Post-Apocalyptic Rhythmic Ambient]

HKN044 Soporific Sorcery - Mischievous Misanthropy [November 2013]
[Torture Chamber Music]

HKN043 Radiation Poisoning - Reaping the Apocalypse [October 2013]
[Atmospheric Rhythmic Noise]

HKN042 Invisible Slavery - 2013 - The Powers That Should Not Be [June 2013]
[Death Industrial / Noise]

HKN041 Narcotic Noise - Spiraling Down Through Infinite Space [March 2013]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN040 Narcotic Noise - Perpetual Metamorphosis [March 2013]
[Dark Ambient / Industrial / Noise]

HKN039 Narcotic Noise - Transcendent Transmissions [March 2013]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN038 Narcotic Noise - Ethereal Emanations [February 2013]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN037 Narcotic Noise - Bleak Desolation [February 2013]
[Dark Ambient / Drone]

HKN036 Caerula Sanguis - Thinning of the Veil [January 2013]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN035 Kimi no Sei - Osoreru Koto wa Nai [November 2012]
[Rhythmic Noise]

HKN034 Radiation Poisoning - Detoxification for the Masses [August 2012]
[Rhythmic Noise]

HKN033 Invisible Slavery - Follow Authority Towards Stupidity [July 2012]
[Industrial / Noise]

HKN032 Ishtar - Ombre [July 2012]
[Ambient / Neofolk / Acoustic]

Narcotic Noise - Timeless Existence [June 2012]
Narcotic Noise - Timeless Existence [Extended Edition]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN030 Across the Distant Horizon [April 2012]
A small Haunted Klinik compilation.
[Ambient / Modern Classical]

HKN029 Evaporating Uneasiness - Evaporating Uneasiness [March 2012]
[Modern Classical / Ambient]

HKN028 Deep Nostalgia of Mortality - Unsettling Uncertainty [November 2011]
[Black Metal / Black Ambient]

HKN027 Narcotic Noise - Nebulous Nostalgia [September 2011]
[Intergalactic Dark Ambient]

HKN026 Tomb of Insomnia - Tearing of the Masks [June 2011]
[Symphonic Rhythmic Noise]

HKN025 Invisible Slavery - Milgram Experiments [May 2011]
[Industrial / Noise]

HKN024 Radiation Poisoning - Dezombification of the Masses [May 2011]
[Harsh Rhythmic Noise]

HKN023 Caelum Stellarum - Extemporaneous Shock Waves [March 2011]
[Space Ambient]

HKN022 Muslimgaze - Zionist Juice [February 2011]
[Experimental / Ethnic / Ambient]

HKN021 Kimi no Sei - Warugi [December 2010]
[Rhythmic Noise]

HKN020 Haunted Klinik Noisempire: Morbid Hospitality [October 2010]
Compilation of remixes & cover versions
[Black Ambient / Black Metal / Rhythmic Noise / Dark Ambient / Modern Classical]

HKN019 Narcotic Noise - You Create Your Own Nightmare [July 2010]
[Dark Ambient / Industrial / Noise]

HKN018 Caerula Sanguis - Facing Infinity without Flinching [July 2010]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN017 Deep Nostalgia of Mortality - Dark Night of Monstrosity [March 2010]
[Black Metal / Dark Ambient]

HKN016 Soporific Sorcery - Cadaver Cacophony [January 2010]
[Torture Chamber Music]

HKN015 Narcotic Noise - Unlimited Possibilities [December 2009]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN014 Metamorfrozen - Touch of Frigid Desolation [December 2009]
[Cold Ambient Noise]

HKN013 Kimi no Sei - Sekai Seifuku [October 2009]
[Power Noise]

HKN012 Narcotic Noise - Fullmoon Hypnosis [August 2009]
[Rhythmic Dark Ambient]

HKN011 Metamorfrozen - Storms of Neptune [March 2009]
[Dark Ambient / Noise]

HKN010 Manifestations of One [June 2009]
A compilation of all Vampiir's projects [Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Rhythmic Noise...]

HKN009 Tomb of Insomnia - Interesting Times [December 2008]
[Melodic Rhythmic Noise]

HKN008 Narcotic Noise - Nocturnal Stillness [November 2008]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN007.2 Soporific Sorcery - Sarcophagus Symphony II [January 2010]
[Torture Chamber Music]

HKN007 Narcotic Noise - Sarcophagus Symphony [March 2008]
[Dark Dungeon Music]

HKN006 Narcotic Noise - Abstract Forms in Accumulated Darkness [December 2007]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN005 Narcotic Noise - Neverending Nightmare [October 2007]
[Dark Ambient]

HKN004 Tomb of Insomnia - The Path Towards Inhumanity [July 2007]
[Rhythmic Noise]

HKN003 Tomb of Insomnia - Necrocosmos [April 2007]
[Rhythmic Noise / Dark Ambient]

HKN002 Tomb of Insomnia - Silent Bane EP [March 2007]
[Rhythmic Noise / Dark Ambient]

HKN001 Tomb of Insomnia - Plains Undreamed [December 2006]
[Experimental / Noise / Dark Ambient]