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2021-03-13 Narcotic Noise - Rustling Recapitulation

Another album for meditation, this one with more rhythm. 20th full-length from NN.

2020-12-28 Narcotic Noise - Transitory Tranquillity

This is an album of three long tracks for meditation, to keep your sanity in the most insane year ever. (And the next one, which probably won't be much better if people remain as stupid and docile as now.)

2020-08-01 Invisible Slavery - Collective Suicide in Progress

2020 is the 'perfect' year for the return of this project (unfortunately). Except that the slavery is not invisible anymore. It's perfectly obvious and in your face.

The greatest con job in history has been taking place over the last few months, and sadly, most people not only fail to understand what's going on, but actively support their own enslavement and loss of freedom on a scale hard to imagine even just a year ago.

Even when almost everyone has access to the Internet and can find the facts quite easily, most people choose instead to trust politicians and the media, i.e. the people who have historically always lied to them. It doesn't matter that nothing the authorities say makes any sense.

I have tried, with this project, to prepare people for exactly this. To understand the way things work. The Milgram Experiment showed that people will do the worst and stupidest things just because the authorities tell them to. 2020 could not be a better example of that. People will follow authority into stupidity. I have shown that lying is the standard operating procedure for the powers that should not be. I have shown the universal deceit.

And now, here it is all on steroids, and the most terrifying thing about it is that it turned out that most people are far more clueless than we ever imagined. The programming is really complete.

If you've gone through 6 albums of Invisible Slavery, you should be able to see this corona circus for what it is. It has nothing to do with a virus or a disease. It's about destruction of your freedom, your enslavement, breaking you mentally by separating you from other human beings, feeding you contradictory lies 24/7, and creating a terrified, paranoid and schizophrenic society.

Let's revisit some older Invisible Slavery tracks:

No Need to Think, Just Follow the Instructions - 2020 in a nutshell. And instructions have never been stupider.
Trust Me, I Am a Doctor - It's even worse. It's "Trust Me, I Am a Politician" now. And it works.
It Must Be True Because They Said It on TV - I honestly didn't think too many people actually had this mindset. I was wrong.
You Couldn't Make This Shit Up - No comment needed in 2020.
Divide and Conquer - Notice the shaming of sane people who point out the science, the inconsistencies in the narrative, and the consequences of this global stupidity?
Land of the Fear, Home of the Slave - Clearly not only the US now. It's the whole planet.
We Create Your Reality, One Lie at a Time - Yes, they have created a whole new reality, made entirely of lies, and it worked like magic.
Propaganda of the Pathocracy - ...on a scale Adolf would envy.
Fact-Resistant Humans - More numerous and more resistant to facts than I could have imagined.
Impenetrable Authoritarian Stupidity - The real virus spreading around the globe.

The Dezombification Centre has been dormant for 6 years, but plese do read my new post Global Police State 2020. Things are really getting interesting.

2020-03-13 Radiation Poisoning - No Method in the Madness

It's been a long break and a whole 2019 without any releases, but it's time to get back to making some noise.

2018-07-08 Soporific Sorcery - Incongruous Inhabitant

Good news for fans of Soporific Sorcery. I made up for that long break with two albums last year, but here's one more. Just like with Tomb of Insomnia, I took some tracks from the HPD compilation and made them longer, and there's plenty of new material in that, but there are also six completely new tracks and one cover version.

2018-04-01 Narcotic Noise - Nankutrem Kvergi Eskagonia

Here's the 18th full-length by NN. I'd been lazy with music for months, and then I somehow managed to produce this whole album in one week.
It's very atmospheric dark ambient, closest to Ethereal Emanations from the previous ones.

2017-11-18 Tomb of Insomnia - Survival Rate Zero

After six long years, I decided to revisit my first project, Tomb of Insomnia. I think each TOI album has been pretty different, and it's the case again this time. After all, it's been a while. Overall, though, the sound is still recognisable.

While on the previous album I went for fewer, longer tracks, I chose the opposite option this time, similarly to Interesting Times. There's a full CD-length of music divided into 21 tracks.

The title, inspired by a quote from Fight Club, symbolises the state of this idiotic society built around lies and fake values, creating the perfect conditions for its own destruction. The stupidity of politicians and the media is off the charts, and they're just competing with one another for who will come up with a bigger pile of bullshit now.

We, as a society, have made some great advances in technology in the last decades, but all we have to show for it is deadlier weapons, more porn, and more cancer. People have access to almost unlimited information, but they waste it on entertainment and social media nonsense. Knowledge has been externalised ("It's on Wikipedia, so I don't have to know it."), so people really know very little of anything. Drop a person in the middle of a forest, and the only thing they'll be able to do is run around in panic, looking for cellphone reception. The Survival Rate of such a society is, indeed, Zero. Just give it a bit of time.

When I worked on Haunted Personality Disorder last year, it quickly became clear that some of the tracks deserved more than just a minute of time. So there was a tentative plan to make longer versions at some point. I had a few ideas about how to do this, but after finishing this TOI album, it occured to me that the TOI compilation tracks could make a bonus album. The previous two TOI releases had bonus material as well, so it seemed like a good idea to continue that trend.

Since a zero survival rate makes you pretty useless, I named the bonus EP Useless Personality Disorder. It has seven tracks from the compilation, each stretched to a regular length, and one bonus track that previously appeared on another compilation that you're unlikely to find anywhere.

A few notes about my websites: The eu.pn domain has died and been replaced by eu5.net, and I've split the xtreemhost site to the label and Vampiir subdomains like the other one, so the four access points are:


The two sets should look and work the same, but there might be some bugs and dead links for a while.

Enjoy the music.

2017-06-24 Soporific Sorcery - Uncanny Underworld

So here's the second one. As you will see, I took a different approach with this one, and I think it worked better that way. I think this is exactly what Soporific Sorcery should look and sound like. I hope it makes up for the three and a half years of silence.

2017-06-18 Soporific Sorcery - Otherworldly Orchestra

Yes, finally. This album, and the whole project, somehow kept getting postponed for quite a while. But to make up for it, I actually made two albums. The other one should be released next week. So there's well over two hours of dungeon sounds.

There's a little bit of experimentation here and there, but overall Soporific Sorcery still sounds the same, bringing back the days of old Mortiis in a Vampiir's cloak. (I never noticed how those two names have a very similar pattern... total coincidence.)

2016-12-27 It's been exactly 10 years since the release of my first album, Tomb of Insomnia's "Plains Undreamed". After pondering what to do about this fact, I finally settled on the idea of creating a compilation with a total of 100 tracks, each 1 minute long, with all my (at least semi-)active projects.

So this is an anniversary compilation with a pretty good overview of what all my projects sound like these days. These hundred small tracks instead of a bunch of regular ones turned out to be a better idea than I had expected. You get a bit of everything, and it never gets boring.

Those 10 years have been quite productive, with over 50 albums released. It has slowed down a bit lately, but 3-4 albums a year is still more than most artists can pull off, and while I'm unlikely to get back to my former rate of productivity, I'm certainly nowhere near finished. I have plans for at least 3 albums next year, and the way things are going now, that should be manageable.

So here you go - one hundred tracks for the price of zero.
Download and share: Haunted Personality Disorder

2016-11-05 Invisible Slavery - In a Time of Universal Deceit

Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

A fitting release for this date, Invisible Slavery's sixth full-length is here with over an hour of your usual skull-crushing death industrial.

2016-08-20 Narcotic Noise & Radiation Poisoning - Disastereo

It was a long break, but after sorting some things out, I was able to start working on music again in June. This is the third and last part of cooperation between NN & RP, 78 minutes of beautiful radioactive noise.

2015-12-28 Kimi No Sei - Yamete

It's been 3 years since Osoreru Koto wa Nai, and Kimi no Sei is finally back.
It took a bit longer than I hoped, but now everything is in its place, and 80 minutes of fine-tuned noise is waiting to deliver some punches to your ear drums.

2015-06-20 Narcotic Noise & Radiation Poisoning - Necrosystem

Second part of collaboration between Narcotic Noise and Radiation Poisoning.

The title is more fitting than I expected, as the system we live in is dying rather quickly.
It's ultimately a good thing because it's so fucked up that it can't be repaired.
The US/NATO Empire is completely out of control and has to die before we can have something reasonable in its place. And it's happening. The collapse of world economy is getting closer and closer. The completely deranged policies of the US government are actually making it faster. It will be magnificent. And then the comets and power outages. Glorious.
Hope you have a few month's worth of food and water, aren't leaving your money in the bank for the banksters to steal it, etc. You should have all that figured out by now.
I offer this album as a soundtrack for the accelerating disintegration of our society. Enjoy.

2015-01-25 After Bleak Desolation and Forsaken Landscape, Narcotic Noise releases part 3,
Abandoned Cells. Little to say here; this one isn't much different from the previous two.

2015-01-15 Invisible Slavery - Standard Operating Procedure

As promised on the compilation, Invisible Slavery is back with more noise, keeping the one-album-a-year pattern.
Delivering 74 minutes of Death Industrial, and I think this one turned out really well.

2014-12-30 Narcotic Noise - Metaphorical Morphine

One more release to close this year. This is a continuation of Perpetual Metamorphosis, so in other words, ever-changing chaos.

As I was listening to it, I thought it would sound good with distortion, so I tried it, and it worked perfectly well, so I made a bonus album by running the whole thing through distortion. This Limited Edition item will be available for one month - until the end of January 2015.

There's also another bonus item I'm adding:
Deep Nostalgia of Mortality - Dark Night of Monstrosity - remastered version
I cleaned up the sound of the guitars a bit, since it was rather bad in some places when played at high volume.

2014-12-20 HKN050 - "Noisethirst" compilation

8 years after my first album, Plains Undreamed, Haunted Klinik presents its 50th release.

This seemed like a good occasion to do something special once again, so a compilation was in order.
I asked the guys who made the Jamia and Grotesque compilations if they'd like to participate, and it all worked out really well. Aside from 9 of my own projects, there are 15 more. Here I would like to thank Al-Maytatu L-Habithu for delivering all the Russian ones.

The music ranges from black metal to dark ambient, rhythmic noise, industrial, post-industrial, and other experimental stuff, and there are almost 3 hours of it.

The name of the compilation represents the constant need for more noise.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

2014-07-14 Invisible Slavery - Empire of Lies

Continuing with one album per year, Invisible Slavery has another piece of noise to offer.
This time with very little rhythm or melody. Just pure landscapes of noise.

2014-06-30 Various Artists - Grotesque

After Jamia, here's another excellent compilation from some of the same guys and several others:

The sixth UIS compilation unites Russian and Belarusian artists of different music genres from post-industrial to experimental black metal. Audio tapes were left among the Gustov Vigeland's grotesque sculptures in Frogner Park in Oslo.

2014-06-10 Narcotic Noise - Forsaken Landscape

I had an unusually productive day last week, on which about 80% of this album came into being. It's a continuation of Bleak Desolation.

2014-06-03 Here, have a zombie apocalypse.

2014-05-20 Various Artists - Jamia

Once again I get a chance to release something I had nothing to do with. The original songs fit quite well on HK, while the dub remixes are something of an expansion of what you're used to on this label. At any rate, it's really good stuff, and I'm happy to present this compilation on Haunted Klinik.

From the artists:
UIS-compilation "Jamia" was created by several Russian post-industrial underground projects. Experimental electronic tracks and their psychedelic noise/dub mixes have been recorded on audio tapes and CDs, and then were spread on the streets of Kingston, Montego Bay, and in other cities of Jamaica.

2014-04-05 Narcotic Noise & Radiation Poisoning - Noisomnia

A collaboration between Narcotic Noise & Radiation Poisoning, bringing you slow, schizoid post-apocalyptic rhythms and atmosfears.

2013-11-11 Soporific Sorcery - Mischievous Misanthropy

Fans of Mortiis, Vond, Cintecele Diavolui, and Fata Morgana, rejoice! It took almost four years to get back to this project, but I assure you it was worth the wait.

There's more variability and less repetition on this album than on the previous ones.
The music is mischievous and impish, and I think the album turned out really well.

2013-10-15 Reaping the Apocalypse

Third album of Radiation Poisoning. 16 tracks of atmospheric rhythmic noise.
From minimalistic experiments to pure massacre.

2013-06-20 Invisible Slavery - The Powers That Should Not Be

Third album of Invisible Slavery. Exactly one hour of noise.

2013-03-31 Narcotic Noise - Spiraling Down Through Infinite Space
Narcotic Experiments 2013 pt. V - Rhythms

The last part of NE2013 focuses on hypnotic rhythms and monotonous loops.

Also, happy birthday, C.D.S.

2013-03-22 Narcotic Noise - Perpetual Metamorphosis
Narcotic Experiments 2013 pt. IV - Transformations

Continuing with release dates that only consist of 0, 1, 2 and 3.

This album is something I've been thinking of for a long time. It uses only one plugin, NI Metaphysical Function, which I use as a stand-alone thing. It has only one button to change the sound, and there's pretty much no way you can tune it the way you want to, but the range of sounds it can create is pretty amazing. You just have to experiment a lot.

The title of the album describes it as precisely as it gets. The sound just keeps morphing all the time, there is no song structure, no repeating patterns. I thought about adding other instruments, but when I heard the raw mix, I decided that it sounded good enough on its own.

2013-03-02 Narcotic Noise - Transcendent Transmissions
Narcotic Experiments 2013 pt. III - Oscillations

Warning: You WILL need good speakers/headphones for this album.
Much of it focuses on very low frequencies, 30-60 Hz, at high volume, which with low quality equipment may do funny things.

This is probably the strangest album I've made so far. It uses only sine/triangle/square/saw waves and white noise plus modulations, phases, LFO, delays, distortions etc. I wanted to experiment with very simple oscillators and see how far they can go in creating different textures of sound.

The album is quite silent and needs to be played loud to hear the details, otherwise it will come across as boring. In fact, I expect that a few will love this album while many will delete it without even finishing the first track. It's obviously not something you can listen to during a busy day. A quiet environment at night is the most suitable.

2013-02-21 Narcotic Noise - Ethereal Emanations
Narcotic Experiments 2013 pt. II - Atmospheres

This album is technically even more simple than the previous, though it doesn't sound like it. Song structure is practically nonexistent, but in the end the album is a lot more interesting than I expected, making this probably the most normal-sounding album of the 5 Narcotic Experiments.

2013-02-01 Narcotic Noise - Bleak Desolation
Narcotic Experiments 2013 pt. I - Drones

I always wanted to try this really simple and almost boring dark ambient / drone, you know, where the "artist" loads a VSTi, presses 2 keys, holds them for 5 minutes and calls it a song. It doesn't have to sound bad. The instruments are pretty damn good these days. But it's something that separates the really good and creative artists from the lazy ones. It's really easy to make an album every month this way. I made this one in a week.

So the idea was to start with a low drone that would be the body of the track and then add 1-2 sounds to it and not go much beyond that. In the end I kind of failed and some of the tracks are a bit more complex than they were supposed to be. It's still a very simple dark ambient though, probably closest to Nocturnal Stillness from the old works.

Somewhere along the way I got some more ideas for some leftover samples from the Caerula Sanguis album. While Bleak Desolation focuses on drones, the next experiment will focus on atmospheres. The second half of the last track may be a hint of what it's gonna sound like. And then I got even more ideas and thus came into being what I call "Narcotic Experiments 2013," which should be a series of at least 5 albums, each focusing on experimentation with something specific, starting with the current release.

2013-01-02 Caerula Sanguis - Thinning of the Veil

So in the end, I did finish this by the end of the year, but there wasn't any time left to release it. I used a lot of different things than on the previous album, but I think the overall feeling is quite similar. I also managed to create possibly my best cover artwork so far.

I am quite satisfied with how it all turned out so enjoy some top quality dark ambient.

As you may have noticed, I added most albums to bandcamp, and from now on all lossless releases will go there [along with archive.org].

I don't celebrate new year and stuff like that [because there's no point for me], but I noticed it's been 6 years since the release of my first album [about a week ago], so why not celebrate that. Surprisingly enough, the old releases still sound pretty good...

2012-12-21 As you may know, I was planning to finish new Caerula Sanguis by the end of the year but apparently I won't make it. I took a different approach this time, spending a lot of time on collecting and creating samples, so I started later than expected with the actual music and only about half of the album is finished now. It should be out some time in January though.

After that I have several Narcotic Noise albums in mind, each experimenting with different things. Other projects are planned as well, but no specifics. Invisible Slavery and DNoM would [probably] be at the top of the list, possibly some Soporific Sorcery... if I feel like it.

I put several albums on the bandcamp page and will probably add more, since it seems like a good way to keep the lossless uploads online safely.

That's all. See you in 2013.

2012-11-05 Remember, remember, the 5th of November.

I'll use this anniversary to release another piece of noise.
This album had a life of its own and the tracks kind of evolved disregarding my intentions, but it didn't really end up being too different from the previous works. I experimented with softer forms of noise on some tracks, so there's a bit of that. Other tracks are as harsh as ever.

All in all it's a pretty typical HK release pushing things another step further, so...

There Is Nothing to Be Afraid of

2012-08-12 When I started Radiation Poisoning, I had no idea it would become so relevant with its name. Unfortunately radiation poisoning has become an everyday part of our lives, and it doesn't help that official sources don't inform us about it. Then again, anyone who still relies on "official sources" is pretty dumb.

Fukushima is spewing radioactive hell day and night, governments are lying about it [I think somehow they came to believe lying is actually their full time job], mainstream media keep mostly ignoring it [because not informing and misinforming is apparently their job], people are getting irradiated without knowing it, eating contaminated food, and letting their children inhale and ingest radionuclides in blissful ignorance while watching random retarded nonsense on TV.

So, if you want to know more about the current situation, read this article in the Dezombification Centre. besides getting up to date with what's going on, you will also learn what to do about it.

While you're at it, you might as well play some music, so here's a dose of sonic Detoxification for the Masses.

2012-07-21 If I were to pick one thing that might be the most important message to people today, 'distrust to authority' would be among the top candidates. The Milgram Experiments described clearly the impact "authority" has on people and the consequences that trust in authority may have. Examples of how bad this can really be are all around us, though few people will ever notice any of it. And if you make them notice, the chances they will understand it are somewhere around 1%.

It is mind-boggling how many people will still believe something just because it was on TV. Or because the president said so. Even if you show them a countless stream of evidence of lies perpetrated by the media, they will still believe what the media will tell them tomorrow. And I'm sure I don't have to tell you that 99% of all politicians are lying sacks of shit, which can easily be proven with hard data that would fill a huge library. This part is somewhat funny, because most people will accept the idea that politicians are lying quite often, and yet they'll still believe the next thing these politicians will say. I can understand the ignorance that most people live with, but the actual stupidity is a bit harder to swallow.

Even worse than believing what's on TV is that people won't believe things that they didn't see on TV. Every now and then I try presenting ordinary people with some important facts [even though I know there's little chance they'd make any effort at understanding, much less investigating/confirming those facts], and every time I see how those facts aren't sinking in, because those people didn't hear about that on TV, so it can't really be happening. You know, like I tell them Fukushima has gotten much worse since March last year, which can be easily proven by using the internet for a few minutes, but they will keep thinking the situation is better and under control, because the media aren't telling them how bad it is, as they were in the first week of the disaster. The irony here is huge. The first week the media were spreading panic in the US and Europe, while there was very little impact on those areas at that point. Now that the situation is really bad, the media have been pretty silent. So while the first week people bought all iodine tablets all over the world [which was pretty silly], now they're doing nothing when they should be reacting.

The problem here is simple - trust in authority, in this case mostly represented by the mainstream media. Look at the facts: The MSM lie to people, spreading panic when there's little danger, and being silent when there is danger. I tell them the truth, trying to calm them down and stop them from overdosing with iodine when there's little danger, and informing them about the dangers when things get bad. The result? People don't believe me, they believe the media. Why? I'm no "authority," the media are. All the facts are on my side, but... 1. most people don't even look at facts, 2. if they do and reach cognitive dissonance between facts and "authority," they choose authority. That I would call stupidity, because at that point it's not ignorance anymore, because they got the facts.

I could give you so many examples and show you so many patterns that abuse trust in authority that it's ridiculous. Like the politicians always promising change, because people always want change, because things are always bad, and then never bringing the actual change, but people always buying into those lies again and again, even though those promises are never fulfilled. It should be easy to reach the conclusion that in such a society the "authority figures" can do whatever they want. And they do. And they always get away with it. And people always trust them again. So you can see that trust in authority leads quite directly to stupidity, and if you don't wanna be stupid for the rest of your life, it might be a good idea to throw away the TV, stop believing people who have been proven to be lying 1000 times before, and start checking some actual facts.

Oh yeah, and listen to this: Invisible Slavery - Follow Authority Towards Stupidity

2012-07-08 Ishtar - Ombre

It is my pleasure to welcome a new artist on Haunted Klinik.
Ishtar from Italy presents a short concept album called Ombre,
a beautiful, calming and relaxing piece of work in ambient/neofolk style.

Ishtar is the only member of this project.

Playing keyboards in Adveniat Hiems and LustNotes, Ishtar has been part of the Italian musical scene for more than a decade.

Ambient-flavored side projects progressively drove Ishtar toward a more classic and acoustic style, discovering a passion for neofolk.

2012-06-15 Timeless Existence has earned itself an even more timeless version. I just felt like playing with the tracks some more, so the Extended Edition is about 12 minutes longer and flows better, in my opinion. It also has a different cover artwork, again by Mira. So go get HKN031.5.

That's one thing. There's more.

As I said some time ago, Antarctica was the one album left that didn't have lossless version uploaded, as it was released on KEM. As the flacs have 450 MB and no filehosting service will let me host that in one piece and not remove it shortly, I decided to just do a re-release and put it on archive.org. Which meant I might as well remaster it. And while I was at it, I made two videos as well, which I was planning to do anyway.

It's not a HK release, since it's not really a new album and wasn't released here in the first place, so go to the Metamorfrozen page to get it.

Speaking of remastering, I did Nocturnal Stillness too so visit Narcotic Noise if you want it.

The last thing is that I wrote something in the Dezombification Centre. Among other news, zombies have been spotted in numerous places, attacking people and eating them. And I'm not even kidding.

2012-06-08 Narcotic Noise - Timeless Existence

Finally the 3rd part of the "Thirteen" trilogy is out. It's pretty much what you'd expect, mostly similar to Unlimited Possibilities, in places reminiscent of Nocturnal Stillness, and has a few new elements too.

I asked Mira for some abstract pictures for the cover artwork and she delivered some great material, so the artwork is hers. There will also be some new videos very soon, along with other extra stuff.

I decided to try mediafire for the flac uploads. It has this 200 MB limit but you can use download accelerators with segmented downloading and there's no waiting time between downloads so you can actually get it in a few minutes. The only question is how long the files will last on a free account, so we'll see. Of course the archive.org page has the flac too, so this is just backup.

2012-04-16 Across the Distant Horizon...

Originally I wasn't planning anything special for HKN030, but then I thought I could make the staff and patients in Haunted Klinik contribute something and make a small but rare release. In the end it turned out more interesting than I had expected.

Convincing Head Nurse Avantgarda wasn't hard. She hid herself in her Nurse's Room, and after a few hours of strange noises coming out of there she delivered a new track. Then there is this patient who thinks he's a frog, but can play the piano. He's kind of indecisive and procrastinating so I had to lock him in the cellar with an old piano and secretly record the sounds. Once you leave him alone with nothing to do but play the piano, he can produce pretty good stuff! So that's how I got the second track.

Then there's this mental patient Mira who, after being asked if she could make some music, ran away screaming. Ok, no music then. When I found her later, I suggested that maybe she could take a camera and record some videos. I figured since we're doing something special, we might as well try some visuals. She was actually willing to try and after a while started liking that job. Then all the gigabytes of recordings started pouring in. That meant I'd have to learn something about video editing, since I'd never tried that before. But it turned out it was easier than expected, at least the basics, so I made some music too and produced the very first Haunted Klinik music videos.

As this was our first attempt without any previous experience, you can't expect anything proffessional, but I've learned to just go ahead with whatever I can do at the moment instead of worrying about whether it's good enough. Otherwise I would have never released the first TOI album and probably nothing else either. I had no clue what I was doing back then but look where it got us.

So the first part of this release is a compilation of three audio tracks by three artists, and the second is three Haunted Klinik music videos. It's released in one format only, no lossless this time, so the 1st part is mp3, the 2nd is mkv. The mkv contains avc+aac, so there should be no problems with playback, but if for some reason you have trouble with it, just get this.

As I have gathered plenty of material thanks to our camerawoman, I'm planning to make more videos for a few of my projects. Mira also took some great pictures, so the cover/booklet for this release is all her work too. Enjoy.

2012-03-12 Hello again, victims of subliminal manipulation.
Welcome to 2012, the year when - to some morons' surprise - the world doesn't end (duh).

It's been a few months of silence because I've been busy with other stuff, but I should be getting back on track now.

I've finally finished a full-length album with the last of my projects that didn't have one, Evaporating Uneasiness. As you know, it's all about piano, which I think is one of the most awesome instruments ever invented. Just the sound of it and its texture, before you even play any actual music, is amazing, so I wanted to experiment with that a bit more than just here and there in the other projects. Half of the songs on this album are piano only, the other half is piano + one or two other instruments. I also wanted to release one nice album for a change, you know, after all the horrible noise and horror sounds and depressive, dark... somethings... that you've been listening to. Why do you even do that? You can't be normal!
Anyway... go download.

Another issue I wanted to address is the bunch of paid shills called the "US government" deciding to shut down megaupload, mess with countless other download sites, sue everyone, ban file-sharing, and put you all in jail, because you're not doing what they tell you and paying them money for random ridiculous things they routinely make up.

This was, of course, expected, and will get worse. Not that it will stop filesharing, because the globalist psychopaths in their wishful thinking still believe that they can control everything, but they sure get annoying with this shit. Well, we just have to be annoying back. I've already noticed that sites that previously had 3-4 links per file, now have links to 10-15 filesharing sites for each file, but obviously many files disappeared and have to be reuploaded.

As you know, this concerns my lossless uploads to mega, so those links have been removed. I don't know any other site that will host 500+ MB files indefinitely for free [and I don't want to upload this in parts], but I've added almost all the lossless albums to archive.org. So whichever album was released in flac, just go to its archive.org page and download the flac from there. I think the only one missing is Antarctica, since the archive page was created by Kaos Ex Machina. I'll take care of that within a few weeks.

One more issue - apparently my account on the mirror HK site 110mb.com has disappeared. Hell if I know why. It's not like anyone explains anything to you these days, so I got no warning, no message, my account just isn't there anymore. I'm getting used to this, it's not the first time one of my websites is taken down for unclear reasons. I wanted to create it again, but learned that I'd have to allow them to install some adware. What the hell. I don't know whether it's them being stupid for doing this or people being stupid enough to actually sign up for it, but I'm certainly not playing along with that.

[EDIT: Apparently as magically as my account disappeared, so it appeared again.]

So for now I'll just stick with this one, but if it starts malfunctioning or they take it down, I'll have to start creating mirror sites faster than they can remove them. Just like with the download sites - if they start taking your stuff down, you just start uploading 10 times as much of it. Disk space is cheap these days, I hear.

Another step I took to keep my files online more comfortably is to create a bandcamp page.
I don't know how well it will work, as there are some limits for free downloads, but we'll see.
I uploaded a few albums for now. If it works fine, I'll add more.

Now just in case - if this Haunted Klinik website ever disappears for more than a few days, just go to archive.org to any of the albums and look for a link there. All albums have a link to the website, so if this one ever dies and I'll have to create a new one, I will modify the links there. I'd also have someone update the links on last.fm and bandcamp has one too.

If you know any good sites that might be useful for running HK more efficiently [without any money involved], let me know.

2011-11-08 Hello, targets of deception.

The dark clouds of Mordor are spreading over Middle Ear— wait, what? Sorry, I mean, the dark clouds of Zionism are spreading over the Middle East, winter is slowly creeping in and we have some cold black metal for you. Yes, Deep Nostalgia of Mortality is back.

The second album - not counting the one with cover versions - brings you dirty sound of poorly recorded and very distorted guitars interlaced with ambient elements, and one purely acoustic track. As usual you can expect different styles with different sound, but overall there's more consistency than on the first album and the sound should be slightly better.

I only used my own photos for the covers this time, and interestingly the picture on the front cover is not enhanced in Photoshock or anything. It's simply the result of my elite camera skil— uh, sorry, I mean my shaking hands. And some luck, I guess.

I don't know if I'll manage to finish another album by the end of the year, I actually doubt it at this point, but we'll see. For now, enjoy some ambient black metal.

2011-09-16 Greetings, radioactive zombies! As promised, a new album is here to help you ponder the state of our reality and your place in the universe.

After 4 years of existence, Narcotic Noise delivers its 8th full-length. It is also the longest album released on HKN so far [not counting that 3-part monster compilation]. In the end I gave up on making some songs shorter for a FLAC/CD version and just made it a 2CD. I should seriously start figuring out how to make shorter album as this one seems a bit too long.

I got a kind of hate mail recently, claiming that I steal all the ideas for my albums and nothing comes out of my brain. The case in point was "You Create Your Own Nightmare" and "Unlimited Possibilities," which of course contain ideas from the Cassiopaean Transcripts. That is where the titles comes from. Don't know how it relates to the music but some fuzzy logic lead to the conclusion that I am a complete fake and not an artist.

Well guess what? There's more fakeness and lack of art on this new album, ahahaha! In fact on most of my albums, which are overflowing with references to books, events, projects and countless ideas of many great [in my opinion] people.

This new album deals with humanity's past, present, and possible future, as well as extraterrestrial influences throughout the time in all their forms. So you see nothing is from my own head again. Like... "Abducted by Grey Beings" is not my own bright idea - it's just something that has been happening for decades to hundreds of thousands of people. So I stole the idea and the song is completely fake and without inspiration [as I understand it from what I've been hatemailed].

Each song has a story of its own, and as usual, if you type the titles in a search engine [hopefully not we-spy-on-yoogle], you may find a lot of interesting reading. For example if it weren't for reverse engineering of alien craft, we probably wouldn't be sitting here staring at LCD monitors, using the internet and having 3GHz CPUs somewhere in a box nearby. I probably wouldn't be releasing any albums either. Then again people might still actually have a life these days instead of getting mechanized and depending on gadgets of all kinds.

"Fishing at Groom Lake" in another interesting phenomenon. I'm sure you know there's no fish in Groom Lake, but there are some way cooler things to fish for around there. This title relates to a story a few decades old involving people like John Lear and Bob Lazar, and CIA tapping phones.

"Looking Glass" is not the kind you may have at home but something actually more akin to the one a certain Alice went through. Which is probably why they named it like that. They like using this Alice story for mind programming so it's their favourite thing. Anyway, Project Aquarius, S-4, Papoose Lake might be good hints.

"Montauk Monster" is about what happens when secret government experiments go wrong. Like, this one went maybe even a bit more wrong than the previous one with Eldritch Rainbows in Philadelphia.

As far as the music goes [apart from being all fake], I didn't have a specific plan for this one so it has more variability than most NN albums. It may be something like "from Abstract Forms to Fullmoon Hypnosis and beyond."

So, as I said before, things here might slow down a bit now but I would still like to finish at least 2 albums by the end of the year. By the way, send more hate mail, cause it's fun.

2011-09-09 I got myself involved in other projects, unrelated to music, so things at the Klinik got slowed down a bit and might remain so. Then again, it was probably about time for that.

Still, in August I decided to catch up so... new album next week.

By the way, did you know the rain in the northern hemisphere is radioactive these days? Courtesy of TEPCO incompetence. And it's getting worse.

2011-06-12 ...
- Now what, Vampiir?! It's only been 2 days and you're back? You got a new album or what?
- Uh, well... kinda... yeah.
- After 2 days? What the hell is wrong with you?!
- Well, everything with me is kind of backwards right now, and so is this album.
- What? You're not making any sense. Have you gone completely mad?
- That's an interesting question, you see, because...
- Ah forget it!! Is there a new album or are you just messing with us?
- Messing with you... er, no, I mean, there is a new album... sort of...
- What do you mean 'sort of'? Either there is or there isn't, no?
- It's not really a regular album and it's not really completely new...
- Then wtf is it? A dead penguin you found down there in Antarctica?
- No, it's called "Masking of the Tears."
- Eh, wait, what? Isn't that like Tearing of the Masks backwards?
- Exactly! Well, almost exactly.
- You gotta be... you just recorded it backwards?
- Well, kind of, partly. If you don't like it, I can send you a dead penguin.
- [facepalm]

Thanks and now the weather: The planet is Haunted by Klinikal psychopaths and it's gonna get worse. The Apocalypse will slowly be spreading over the northern hemisphere over the next few years, coming to the south later. Disruptive waves in the pathosphere may cause temporary internet disconnections. Food prices will rise beyond what you can afford, but iPads will be cheaper! Munch on those, suckers.

2011-06-10 Welcome back, expendable consumer units, hope you had a nice day in the insane world outside. Here in the land of noise, no money and web pages created in notepad we're doing fine.

Apparently I did have a level up somewhere in the past 2 months, so less than a month after Radiation Poisoning and Invisible Slavery were unleashed unto the world [pun not intended but... well, kinda makes sense, though the lower case ones have been around for at least a few dacades] there's already more haunting noise ready for your neighbours! And this time there's even some music thrown into the mix.

So what is it about? It's about Tearing the Masks off the faces of the fuckers hiding behind them, pretending to be human beings. Yes, you guessed it right, I'm talking about the banksters, Corporate Exalted Oligarchs [also known as CEO's], governing puppets and other Obaminations. Coincidentally, right at this moment this funny bunch is gathered in Switzerland for their annual Bilderburger with Cheese and expensive prostitutes.

Interestingly enough, after 57 years of this high profile criminal gang meeting every year the media are finally starting to say "oh shit, this thing really exists!" Last year in Spain it was already getting a bit difficult to keep it secret, but in 2009 in Greece it still had that paranoid atmosphere with cops in plain clothes stalking around anyone who tried to get a peek at what was going on, and mainstream media either ignored it or laughed at people following it for being "crazy conspiracy nuts." Well, this year David and Heinz will have a hard time hiding from the cameras and smuggling politicians and banksters from all over the world into the hotel. The funny thing is that people are becoming better informed than the media so they're putting pressure on the media to report this stuff. Nothing like a well functional system, right? More on that story in the Dezombification Centre.

Back to music...

I decided to start where I left off last time, which was 2.5 years ago. And I mean literally, really, check it out. So, as you can see, we're talking about Tomb of Insomnia here. Since the first 4 albums + 1 EP were released in the span of 2 years, this was a pretty long pause, so I was wondering how it would evolve. Honestly, I had no clue. Turns out it... really hasn't. It sounds totally like Tomb of Insomnia, from what i vaguely remember. No big surprises.

Like last time, the album features a booklet with lots of information, this time regarding what to do about these psychos fucking up the planet. There are actually several Bilderbergers on the inside cover, though at the time of making it I had no idea the conference would be held over this weekend. Recently things have been playing out pretty nicely. You will find a lot more related info in the HKDC, where I will also post some updates on the Bilderburglars for the next few days. Should be fun.

2011-05-12 Greetings, economic slaves, and welcome to the Haunted Klinik. Glad you could leave the media circus and social nutworking for a bit and visit one of the smallest websites on the internet. We don't have any flashes and moving pictures trying to grab your attention before it runs out in the next 20 seconds, no advertising to sell you shit you don't need and no overload of useless scripts to make this page load longer and mess with your PC, but that's ok! People actually used to live without all that crap, you know?

Anyway, as you have been expecting [if you had read the previous entry], the new albums are now released. 2 hours of heavy industrial machinery dissecting your brain! ...er, I mean, excellent music. Now, I decided that from now on I'm gonna force you to use your brains [for thinking, that is], whether you like it or not, so I don't have the albums linked here, you have to find them on your own [shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes; if after 60 minutes you still can't find them, you need to visit a psychiatrist (or maybe I do, if I forgot to upload them)]. That also means now you have to read all these news to know what's going on, hah! [I know some of you lazy punks have been skipping that]

I think I already upset a few people with my last release "Zionist Juice" [though I highly doubt those upset people actually read what I wrote and understand what I'm saying], and it may get worse. But there's no helping that, it's a bit too late to try serving the truth slowly and nicely one step at a time. There's very little time left before this society hits the wall and the crash will be huge. It's running against it at full speed and falling apart in numerous places already. Most of the clueless people [aka zombies] out there won't see the wall coming until the very end. Then in the last minute they will cry: "How is this possible? Nobody warned me about this!" Um, sorry, we tried to warn you, you weren't listening. Ignorance was your choice and that wall you're about to hit at full speed is just the consequence of your own actions.

In other words, apart from just music we're trying to provide some vital information and educational material. It's of course up to every one of you if you want to be informed and educated or ignorant and distracted by entertainment. If you're willing to give knowledge a chance, check the Dezombification Centre. It's fun, you'll see. If not, just keep watching TV until the zombie apocalypse knocks on your door. Won't take long.

One way or the other, enjoy the music.

2011-05-03 Welcome zombies! Many things going on in the Haunted Klinik and this is the main event of the year, or at least the beginning of it.

There are two new albums waiting to be released. They contain not only lots of palatable noise but also lots of information. They're already in the catalogue so you can check out what you're in for.

Along with those 2 albums the Haunted Klinik is opening a whole new wing -
- the Haunted Klinik Dezombification Centre.

As I promised in the New Year's message, there will be a lot of reading from now on, which ties into the concepts of several HK projects, including the two new ones.

The idea behind the the Dezombification Centre is laid out on one of the new albums, Dezombification of the Masses, which is what this whole project is aiming at - to provide information that would assist at least a few of the zombified people on this planet in snapping out of their zombie state and returning to being human.

The Dezombification Centre will contain articles and links to plenty of information that should be common knowledge but unfortunately isn't, because of the controlled, censored mainstream media. This effort was started by me on TOI's album Interesting Times, where many issues were raised that are largely ignored by the media and authorities and unknown to the zombies, ie. most of the Earth's population.

All of this could be swept aside as unimportant - as long as being misinformed, getting dumber every year, getting poisoned by food that's being sold to you as healthy, being ruled by psychopaths to whom you're nothing but a consumer unit, getting targeted with all kinds of harmful radiation and other things like that - seems all unimportant to you. If that's the case, then go back to sleep and please, stop listening to my music. Try some of those talentless malnutritioned blonde girls that sell millions of albums, those are good for turning your brain into mush and make it easier to be a zombie slave and not care. And drink coke. Anyway, if that's the case, you probably didn't make it to the 7th paragraph at all.

So if you're still reading, which means you actually can read pretty well and your attention span might be over 1 minute, this looks good for you. I try not to be too boring when presenting information, so you might actually have some fun going through this [unless you're one of those people who don't appreciate sarcasm, which might be a bit of a problem - I don't like being all too serious].

For now, the Dezombification Centre only has a few things for reading, due to the fact that I only have 2 hands [yes, really, it's true] and the day only has 24 hours and clearly I waste much of the time on weird things like making noise. More will be added as time and my capabilities allow.

Now, a bit more about those 2 projects and albums. They were created in June 2010, originally as one project, but later as the concept for it was expanding, I realized that both musically and thematically I have too many ideas for one, so it split into two [I swear I'll do my best not to create any more than the 12 projects I already have].

Musically Radiation Poisoning is harsh rhythmic noise, all about lots of distortion and loudness. It's experimental to the point of using some pretty silly ideas, like black metal drumming with a harsh noise production. The message behind the first album is self-explanatory and also the main basis for the Dezombification Centre.

Invisible Slavery explores the role of authority in our society and the stupidity of people who are zombified to the point of simply accepting anything any authority says or orders them to do, even if that authority has a long track record of lies and deception, like, say, Barky or the Village Idiot [those are the 2 most recent US "presidents," for those unfamiliar with their nicknames]. Musically Invisible Slavery is about the less rhythmic side of industrial/noise.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I've reworked the Vampiir section of this website. Partly because the menu as it was got too crowded with all the projects and partly because I got bored with the old style. At least now it's more distinguishable from the netlabel. I apologize if any part of the whole website isn't working properly or something's missing... doing too much stuff at the same time. I'll be working on it the next few days and fixing whatever needs fixing.

Oh yeah, the 2 albums will be released some time next week.

That's about it for now, I think.

2011-03-06 Caelum Stellarum - Extemporaneous Shock Waves [HKN023]

It is my pleasure to introduce the first album on this label not made in the Haunted Klinik. It was made by a friend of mine, somewhere in outer space, I think. Her music is soft, melodic, relaxing, bringing something new to the HK collection but fitting in fairly well.
In her own words:

Extemporaneous Shock Waves is an aural travelogue of Caelum Stellarum's space ambient universe. Crossing 70s space synth sounds with upbeat classical inspired melodies molded into modern electronica with subtle beats.

2011-02-22 Muslimgaze - Zionist Juice [HKN022]

The first album of 2011 is out and a few things need to be said.

I said something not made by me was in the making and would probably be the first thing to happen in 2011, so there's a small change. That album was a bit delayed but should be released in a week or two. In the meantime I finished Zionist Juice so it's the first thing out.

Most of you will probably know Muslimgauze and wonder what the hell is going on here. Well, the musical idea for this album was born when I was working on Fullmoon Hypnosis, namely 'Cycle of Lunacy' and 'The Night of the Werewolf,' and since the idea was to work with arabic elements, I gave the project a working name Muslimgaze, leaving out one letter from Muslimgauze. In the end I decided to keep that name, for reasons explained in detail on the cover or on the archive link.

In general this album is an experiment with using arabic and related elements in what's mostly ambient and a bit of noise music. Currently I have no plans to continue this project so it's probably a one time thing.

I also said the website would expand with some writing so here's the first dose.
Just one page for now, closely related to the concept of this album. There will be more with my next release, some time in April/June.

2010-12-31 Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!
In other words, Happy New 1984! [that's the only year you're gonna get for some time]

Things are happening so fast, both in the outside world and in the Haunted Klinik, that I decided to note a few things about that.
In the Klinik, of course, things look a lot better. 2010 was a great year, the best so far. Over 12 hours of music released, everything worked out well and as planned. With Soporific Sorcery and Deep Nostalgia of Mortality out all "main projects" have at least one album released. Caerula Sanguis and Kimi no Sei have evolved into their proper form. Morbid Hospitality took care of all the extra ideas I had [at that point anyway]. So what's next?
Apparently a lot of things. 2011 will be a sort of experimental year. Apart from Evaporating Uneasiness there are 3 other projects that should materialize this year. And that's only talking about Vampiir material, there's something else in the making as well, which will probably be the first thing to happen in 2011.
As these interesting times in which we're living are getting more interesting every day, Tomb of Insomnia will be back and get deeper into what's happening and where it's going. The previous album outlined some of the problems we're facing on this planet. A lot of people have been waking up to what's going on and after the initial phase of shock asking "but what can we do?" The next album "Tearing of the Masks," as the title suggests, will look under the surface of things and try to provide some answers. Some of the new projects will also contain all kinds of useful information. So along with lots of music, there will be lots of reading [for those who can still read anything beyond 'tags', 'descriptions' and 'shouts']. The reading part should expand into a whole new section of this website. I have many ideas but nothing much is on paper yet and it will just come along with the music. It's gonna be a lot of work but I had a few level-ups this year so it should be doable.
Apart from TOI and the new projects [mostly rhythmic and/or noisy] there should be at least one Narcotic Noise, probably Soporific Sorcery and either Kimi no Sei or Deep Nostalgia of Mortality [or both, if I get another level-up], depending on how things go.
Now, while HK may be prospering, the world at large... not so much. The fascist police state control being swiftly implemented in the US [and on a smaller scale UK and other, mainly western European countries] is a sad example of how people are too dumb to learn from history. Then again when history is being redacted and misrepresented by the ruling psychopaths, while people are being poisoned and dumbed down, it's not much wonder. The media control (outside the internet) is as strong as Orwell could ever dream, corporations like Monsanto are hell-bent on destroying the whole planet in a matter of a few decades, and then there's this small nuclear country with a religion based on superiority of one race, ruled by [and largely inhabited by] the most insane people you will ever meet, doing whatever it wants, completely disregarding international law, and effectively telling anyone who complains to go fuck themselves and getting away with it. And let's not forget the bankers who own about 50% of the planet and create debt for everyone for generations to come.
Unfortunately there are still way too many people who have no clue what's going on and are absolutely unprepared for what will happen next, and it's gonna be happening faster than they'll be able to make any sense of. I could of course ignore that and just make music and let people figure things out on their own [which in reality would mostly be too little too late], but then I guess my incarnation here would be a bit pointless. So for these reasons Haunted Klinik will grow into something a bit more than it is now and you'll either make some sense of it or go crazy or whatever.
So, enjoy your new year celebrations, if you still think there's anything to celebrate, because things are going to get 'curiouser and curiouser' on this planet in the next few years. For an awful lot of reasons.

A note for all fans of Metamorfrozen, please go to its page and read the update there.

2010-12-12 Kimi no Sei - Warugi [HKN021]
Just as the second Caerula Sanguis album finally accomplished what I had been striving for in the dark ambient area, the second album of Kimi no Sei finally delivers what I've been aiming at with rhythmic noise. It took four years of experimenting with countless instruments, sounds, noises, effects and arrangements to figure out what works best, on both fronts.
On the rhythmic and noisy side of things, Tomb of Insomnia was the starting experimental playground. The first albums were far from what I intended them to be, but they were the best I could do at the time and turned out to be quite interesting nonetheless and brought a fairly unique style, I think. Which is why I left TOI the way it was, and for the real deal I created another project.
Sekai Seifuku was from my perspective a great success concerning quality, but slightly missed the mark in terms of style, which was still one step behind. Warugi takes that final step, eliminating any regular instruments, reducing standard melodic patterns to minimum, and instead relying mostly on sound textures and rhythm. The result is a harsh, pulsating landscape of distorted beats, crunchy noises and echoes of cold steel.

2010-10-18 Haunted Klinik Noisempire: Morbid Hospital(ity) [HKN020]

Good news everyone! Or at least someone somewhere. We have a large delivery for all fans of Haunted Klinik [I heard somewhere there actually are such people].
Obviously No. 20 in the catalog had to be something special so I thought I'd do a few remixes and some cover versions. It wasn't supposed to be over the usual 80 minutes but things got out of hand a little and I ended up with almost 40 songs and almost 4 hours of music, which is why I divided it into 3 parts.

Part I is pretty much close to what the original intent was. Since I started recording guitars for DNOM, I thought I might try using them to some extent in TOI as well, to bring some change into that project. So for starters I took a few of the old songs and added guitars to see how it would fit. It worked pretty well, considering that those songs weren't made for guitars in the first place, so there will be a few songs like that on the next album [some time next year].
That NN song has been lying around for 2 years and didn't fit anywhere so I threw it in the mix. The KNS remix is something I was planning even as I worked on the original and as for Mountains of Madness, I thought the song deserved a bit less noise and more of the flute at the end. It's kind of intended to replace the old version.
Then there are a few cover versions and you will notice a new project. What you will not notice is that besides that I have like 3 more, which makes the total somewhere around 12 [I think], which is clearly insane. So maybe you're starting to think that Vampiir is actually not the owner of the Klinik but a patient in the psychiatric ward. But who cares, as long as I have my soundproof cell and they let me make all this noise, everything's fine.
Anyway, this new project is supposed to be my idea of actually making some nice clean music, without noise, weird sound samples or morbid track titles. The original idea was to have a project with only piano. It's been working fine so far, but I'm not sure if a whole album like that wouldn't be boring, so we'll see. Either it'll be that or something close enough.

As I kept thinking of more cover versions I'd like to do, obviously most of them were black metal, or at least ambient tracks produced by black metal bands, so at some point it became clear that all these DNOM tracks would become a separate part of the compilation, and as it happened the largest one even. It's a pretty unusual collection and it was great experience working on songs that I listened to 15 years ago or so.

The last part is a little tribute to Dead Can Dance. While I was listening to Summoning the Muse, wondering what I could do with it, it occurred to me that the song had quite an amazing potential, so why not make use of it. The first version is as close to the original as I could get [which is actually pretty close save for the vocals], and the other four are taking it as far as possible in the direction of each of those projects' peculiar style, while still keeping all the melodies of the original. I had a whole week of fun with this, the song has some magic indeed.

Aside from music, I finally decided to buy a camera so that I wouldn't have to steal material for cover artwork who knows where, so this time all pictures in the booklet are my own. Many of them were taken at around 2 AM, without any extra lighting, which is why they look the way they do. I almost got arrested near the cemetary, but fortunately I don't live in the US, so the cops weren't paranoid fascist psychopaths, they were actually quite polite, so I didn't end up in jail for grave desecration or something. Seriously, I just went in to take some pictures, it's a standard black metal operation, though I still lied to them about that, 'cause I don't think they had proper black metal education. Anyway, it was fun.

So that's it. Download and enjoy.

2010-07-26 Narcotic Noise - You Create Your Own Nightmare [HKN019]
A quick experiment in noise/industrial music with strong underlying emotional current. This is about what you may expect if you don't figure out very soon who you are, why you're here and what the hell is going on.

2010-07-13 Caerula Sanguis - Facing Infinity without Flinching [HKN018]
For two months did the vampiiric creature crawl through the catacombs and caves deep under the Klinik, collecting sounds and extracting the atmosfear of the cold dark walls. Then from the haunted essence of the Unknown, a new masterpiece was forged.
Caerula Sanguis, the truest form of Vampiir's dark ambient creations, will pull you out of the common and ordinary, and throw you into the Unknown. To face Infinity in all its forms, from terrifying to beautiful, you must break the shell around your perception, reach inner silence, and enter through the portal that will open. Beware of the unseen predators that lurk in the mists beyond physicality, ready to smash your soul.

2010-03-13 Deep Nostalgia of Mortality - Dark Night of Monstrosity [HKN017]
With this release another cycle is closed. I've been playing black metal for 15 years so in a sense DNOM predates all my other projects by a lot. Incidentally, all track titles for this album [except one] have been put down on paper also about 15 years ago. I don't remember how or why I came up with this idea, I just though about making an album with those titles back then. Strangely enough I came across that piece of paper recently and thought 'why not use it?'
Even a few of the riffs must be at least 4-5 years old, though most of the album was composed & recorded during February this year.
Apart from completing an album that reaches 15 years back, this also marks a point when all my current projects have at least one full release. You can celebrate it by listening to all of them in a row!

2010-01-04 Soporific Sorcery - Cadaver Cacophony [HKN016]
The counterpart of Sarcophagus Symphony II, second dose of "torture chamber music."

Soporific Sorcery - Sarcophagus Symphony II [HKN007.2]
Reworking of Sarcophagus Symphony, originally released under Narcotic Noise, with additional tracks, spanning over almost 90 minutes.

2009-12-21 Narcotic Noise - Unlimited Possibilities [HKN015]
Second part of a trilogy, Nocturnal Stillness being the first one.

2009-12-12 Metamorfrozen - Touch of Frigid Desolation [HKN014]
Second full-length from Metamorfrozen. From cold emptiness through freezing noise to desolate melancholy.

2009-10-11 Kimi no Sei - Sekai Seifuku [HKN013]
A heavy machinery of distorted sounds, strange noises and addictive rhythms.

2009-08-08 Narcotic Noise - Fullmoon Hypnosis [HKN012]
Fifth album of Narcotic Noise explores using different types of rhythms in dark ambient music. From tribal, ritualistic music, through haunting narcotic atmospheres, to strange ambient experiments, this album surpasses all previous releases.

2009-06-30 Manifestations of One [HKN010]
A compilation of all Vampiir's projects.

2009-03-20 Metamorfrozen - Storms of Neptune [HKN011]
A 23-minute dark ambient / noise EP from Metamorfrozen.

2008-12-01 Tomb of Insomnia - Interesting Times [HKN009]
After more than a year of silence, Tomb of Insomnia is back with a new 80-minute album + 35 minutes of remixes. Almost 2 hours packed with melodic rhythmic noise.

2008-11-13 Narcotic Noise - Nocturnal Stillness [HKN008]
The 4th Narcotic Noise album presents 6 long tracks of quiet soundscapes with no beats and very little melody.