Invisible Slavery - Milgram Experiments

Released: May 12, 2011
Format: VBR MP3 / FLAC


01. The Man in the White Coat Told Me to Do It [9:24]
02. I Didn't Realize It Would Kill Him [13:00]
03. No Need to Think, Just Follow the Instructions [9:02]
04. It's Not My Responsibility, It's That Guy's [5:13]
05. I Don't Really Like This But I MUST Continue [5:24]
06. Trust Me, I am a Doctor [15:40]

Total Time: 57:45

The only sample used in track 4 is
a recording of a dying PSU fan in my PC.

Please do some research on the Milgram experiments.
Read the inlay for more information.
Check some videos like this one.
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